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Getting a good face makeup in a minute is possible thanks to this Milk Makeup stick that fits in your pocket and gives a beautiful little color to your cheeks and lips

Although in summer we like it rest from makeup, a bit of mascara has never hurt anyone and some hints of rouge, less. And that we wear the mask all the time! But in that little while you take it off to eat and drink on a terrace or when you are at home with some friends, a touch of color on the cheeks and lips Mark the difference.

Be careful, we are talking about a subtle and translucent color but very flattering, that tone that looks good if it has not given you the sun but with which you will look like a goddess if you have already put yourself a little brunette. A touch of makeup that provides that good face effect that we like so much. And we have discovered that there is a product with which you can make this desired makeup in a minute, or less, using a single product that fits in your pocket.

We talk about Glow Oil Cheek + Lip by Milk Makeup (for sale in Sephora), a iridescent ink in stick format that you can apply with your fingers on the cheeks and lips to add a touch of color and shine to your skin. It is formulated with rice bran oil, an antioxidant-rich oil that fixes to the skin quickly leaving a beautiful tone.

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