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Yellow tint for girls who are not afraid to experiment

Saca tu lado divertido tiñendo tu cabello de color amarillo canario

Hair is an inexhaustible source of creativity that we can mold to our personality. If you are serious you may want to wear a cinnamon sugar shade; if you are mysterious maybe a inky black; if you define yourself more as flirtatious then you will like burgundy; But if vitality and extroversion are your thing, we challenge you to try a Canary yellow tint.

Before making this drastic decision, you should be aware that you need to bleach your hair to white, so we suggest that one month before you submit your hair to treatments that strengthen it, and go to a professional. That said, we show you a gallery of 15 photos to show you that the effort is worth it. You will look spectacular and very Serena Tsukino!

1. This color is great

Girl without makeup, green eyes, long, wavy hair dyed in canary yellow

2. Although not easy to obtain

Girl with long bob hair degraded yellow to black

3. You need patience and a lot of care

Brunette girl with freckles, with long yellow hair, hairstyle with two high tails with flowers

4. But once you see the result …

Girl with green eyes, long eyelashes, outlined cat eye, freckles, with yellow hair combed in two shawls,

5. You will fall in love!

Girl with long wavy hair with fringe and bright yellow color

6. During the month prior to the first discoloration …

Asian girl with big vintage magnifying glasses, piercing her lip and long wavy hair dyed bright yellow

7. Hydrate your hair with coconut oil

Girl with professional makeup, vintage large round glasses, with denim jacket and pins, has yellow hair with black roots

8. Then go to a professional

Girl making faces, with mushroom cut and duckling yellow hair

9. But if you prefer to do it at home …

Girl with sad look, with yellow to orange gradient hair, bob cut with fringe and floral dress

10. Remember that your hair color will not come out in one sitting

Dark green eyed girl with nose piercing and yellow hair

11. You will need several 20 volume peroxide cans

Girl with round magnifying glasses, nose and septum perforations, with pink eyeliner and two-colored dyed hair: magenta pink and canary yellow

12. Let your hair rest for several days between each discoloration

Brunette girl without makeup wearing orange camouflage jacket and straight yellow hair

13. And apply treatments to combat weakness

Gray-eyed girl with a face painted with white flowers, daisies; with shoulder length bob cut hair, canary yellow

14. So that in the end your yellow hair looks and feels healthy

Girl in profile with long hair down from shoulders in brown to yellow gradient

15. If you really LOVE this color …

Girl with yellow hair and pixie cut, wearing Dr. Martens boots and ukulele, surrounded by yellow things

16. Cheer up!

Girl without makeup, smiling, with blue sweater and wavy hair and yellow color above the shoulders

17. By the power of the moon prism!

Girl with green eyes, freckles, glasses with yellow hair combed with bunnies and piercing on the bridge of the nose