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Wick types ⇨ Pros and Cons of each technique

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Spain is one of the countries in the world in which women, as a general rule, are born with a type of dark hair. Women in this country rather have a brown hair type. It is a fact that we all want to differentiate ourselves or give our mane a touch that identifies us and a style to differentiate ourselves from the rest. That is why the vast majority choose to wear some kind of wick in case they do not directly change the color and lighten the entire mane.

So today The MadRoom let's talk about types of wicks that exist, and about the pros and cons that each of these types of wicks can entail. Given the variety and types of manes that exist (curly, wavy hair, very fine hair, etc.) there is a great diversity of types of highlights. Depending on the knowledge of the technique and to whom each can be applied, one wick or another will be chosen.

Do you want to know what each type of wick consists of and which one is the best for you? Read on if you want to find the ideal one for you!

Wick types

Highlights Babylights

It's one of the types of blonde highlights which have been the evolution of traditional wicks. It is certainly a subtle and fine highlights that create, at the same time, an effect like sun lighting on the hair. This type of highlights are ideal if we want to lighten the hair slightly. This will give us a certain volume in an almost natural way, since the objective is to give reflections to the background color, to our natural color. With the highlights babylights, at most, we will lighten this color one and a half tone.

The technique of babylights highlights is to create the impression that we do not have highlights. That is why one of the pros of the babylights highlights is that if what we are looking for is a super natural result, with a fade with our color base and this is a light brown, these are your highlights. In addition, if you look half-mane or long straight hair, this type of highlights will be ideal for you.

The against? Well, they do not have many against, except that it must be maintained every 3 months. And if you are one who opts for short hair, these types of highlights do not make much sense since they will not look as much.

  • Pros of the highlights babylights
  • Cons of babylights highlights
    • Maintenance every 3 months
  • Ideal for

Chas Blonde ’or‘ Bronde ’highlights

They are the blonde or caramel highlights of a lifetime, with which there are still women who continue to bet on them and, in the words of Nadia Barrientos, founder of The MadRoom with the 'Blonde' technique for blonde highlights, “manages to clarify 90% of the mane. It is preferably applied on hair that is NOT excessively curly, frizzy or damaged and is great for any type of skin tone. ”

  • Pros of blonde highlights
    • Lightens hair up to 90%
    • Suitable for any skin type
  • Cons of blonde highlights
    • Not recommended for frizzy, frizzy or damaged hair.
  • Ideal for
    • Straight and wavy hair

Californian Wicks

California highlights are the most popular and most demanded highlights in hair and beauty salons. And it is that, if we put together all the ingredients that these Californian wicks provide us, they constitute the perfect result for us to feel super favored and we all want this sensation in our hair: the summer effect on the hair, lighter hair and we also feel as surfers off the coast of California. The ideal wicks to start the good weather in style.

The description of the California highlights is simple: they simulate the degraded effects that the summer sun brings to our hair. Dark root with light tips, which can even be white.

One of its pros or cons is that depending on how you like the coloring, very marked or not, they can be your allies or your greatest enemies, since they demand a very marked type of coloring. They enhance and can be applied to all types of textures and hair tones.

  • Pros of the Californian highlights
    • Enhance hair texture.
    • Effect of marked coloring ideal for summer
  • Cons of Californian highlights
    • If you do not like the marked coloration, it is not your ideal wick.
  • Ideal for

Balayage highlights

If Californian highlights were a revolution and there was a before and after that became fashionable, balayage highlights are the next step. Balayage wicks are the most requested type of wick in our center and that is why we have already dedicated a special post just for them, both technical and types of balayage highlights, so we are not going to expand on the description and technique, we simply remind you that they are a gradient from dark to light with the sweeping technique.

Among the virtues of the balayage highlights we find that they provide a luminosity and movement to the spectacular mane. It feels good on both straight and curly hair, although it is much more difficult to achieve a great contrast on excessively curly hair.

As for the cons, we can say that these wicks require professionals who know how to apply this technique, since it is not easy and requires trained personnel, like the one you will find in our salon. The MadRoom Madrid, where we have coloring specialists. In addition, it requires maintenance every 2/4 months to touch up and not lose style.

In short hair this type of highlights does not work, so if you have this type of hair length, we will find another option for you.

It is true that they can be done in any base color, but if it is very dark, at most, we can lighten between 1 tone and 2 and a half tones.

  • Pros of the balayage highlights
    • They provide light and movement
  • Cons of balayage highlights
    • Requires technical knowledge to fit well
  • Ideal for

Tiger Eye Highlights

The tiger's eye wicks are the wicks that imitate the color hazelnut, bronze or honey. They tend to concentrate from medium to tips, so maintenance can be prolonged over time. They are perfect for all brown hair, including the darkest and even for redheads.

  • Pros of the tiger's eye highlights
    • They do not require very continuous maintenance
    • They provide volume and movement
  • Ideal for
    • Dark brown hair

Wicks Hair Contouring

If we rely on the contouring technique that we apply to makeup to highlight or camouflage areas of our face that we want to highlight or hide, the hair contouring highlights are just the extension of this makeup technique to the world of hairdressing through the hair coloring.

They are highlights that are completely personalized by the stylist, as he studies how to highlight and beautify your features depending on the shape of your face. Dark tones create shadows to shorten or sharpen the face and light tones lengthen the face.

One of the cons for this wick technique is not finding the right professional, so always The MadRoom We recommend that you go to salons where the professionals who attend you are trained and qualified, as in our case, to assist you and carry out an exhaustive study. So you will get this fantastic look that, in addition, does not need very constant maintenance since the color blends with the base of our hair.

  • Pros of mechas hair contouring
    • Helps mark or soften your features
    • They do not require very continuous maintenance
  • Cons of wicks hair contouring
    • They require a qualified professional in this type of wicks
  • Ideal for

Shatush Wicks

Perhaps it is the type of wicks most unknown by the vast majority of you, but we can not miss the opportunity in this post to tell you about them since they will be the Holy Grail this year for the spring / summer season and if you do not believe it, you will tell us.

The technique of shatush highlights is to make them on carded hair, so we are only going to be able to dye only a part, with which the result will be a very natural and nuanced blur. It is really ideal when what we want is not some highlights, but rather a blur that highlights and highlights the tips.

They are recommended for smooth and wavy manes, especially, and it is also a coloration that can be used for MIDI manes or for short hair.

They require maintenance more or less every 2 or 3 months.

  • Pros of shatush highlights
  • Ideal for
    • Smooth and wavy manes. It can be applied in long and short stockings.

Once we have seen the types of wicks that exist and that you demand the most in our salon, apart from wanting to incorporate the latter that we have explained to you into our catalog of options, we are going to give you tips for the maintenance of the wicks.

How to take care of the wicks?

The maintenance of the wicks does not end in the beauty salon, in our house we must continue to take care of them so that they look perfect every day. That is why the ideal is to wash and condition the hair with specific products for colored hair, which hydrate and protect the color.

Ask our stylists for advice on The MadRoom so that they recommend products or even hydration treatments that you can carry out in our salon with products from the ShuUemura or Kérastase brands. With which you will look confident, a healthy, hydrated and beautiful mane.

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