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Why doesn't my hair grow? We explain it to you!

Some reader, in his comments, has asked us Why does my hair not grow? If you wonder the same thing, if you have not been to the hairdresser for a long time to cut your ends because your hair does not grow, or if you are tired of hearing that the hair has a long cap on each person, we recommend that you read this entry in which Nadia Barrientos, director of the beauty center The madroom, it clears our doubts by revealing the 8 main reasons why you do not grow your hair: be parted.

According to Nadia, these are the serial killers that you should avoid if you want to show off a blow…

  1. Friction during washingA mistake we make when we wash our hair is to rub all the hair on the head. Where it is necessary to influence the scalp, the area that produces more fat and where dirt is most appreciated. The rest of the hair should not be rubbed, since we can split it due to friction. It is enough to let the soap fall through the hair and rinse it gently.
  2. Use very soapy shampoosThe ideal way to wash your hair is to use shampoos without parabens, dyes or strong perfumes. That a shampoo smells too much or creates a lot of foam does not mean that it cleans more, in fact they usually have harmful chemicals for the hair fiber.
  3. Brush the mane with plastic or metal brushesPlastic or metal brushes are so hard that they almost always split the hair, especially when it is entangled. To avoid this hair breakage, brushes made with wild boar bristles are recommended. They are the least damaging the hair since they are made with fibers of animal origin.
  4. The irons and curling ironsApplying a source of excessive heat to the hair can make it more fragile and brittle. Abusing the irons, the dryer or the curling irons, is one of the actions that damages the hair the most. A solution to this problem is to always use a thermal protector that softens the effect of direct heat on the hair.
  5. Collected with thin elastic gummiesUsing very thin gomillas or with metal parts causes the hair that is collected to get tangled, apart from splitting, due to the friction when doing the hairstyle. The best ones are the elastic ones with a fabric sheath to avoid as far as possible the contact of the elastic rubber with the hair.
  6. Ride a motorcycle with loose hairOne of the worst enemies of hair is to wear it outside the helmet when riding a motorcycle. The wind generated by the high speeds reached by motorcycles causes irreparable hair damage. It is best to collect the hair in a braid and wear it inside the helmet or under the clothes.
  7. Abuse of lacquerThe hairspray dries hair due to alcohol and chemicals that are used to act as a fixative. Hair tends to become brittle and dull precisely because alcohol takes away some of the moisture from its natural moisture. When using lacquer you have to apply it about 30 cm away and never do it on the scalp only at the tips.
  8. Freckle your hair frequently.Carding your hair daily may seem like a good solution to add volume to the sparsely populated hair, however, it causes extreme damage if done daily. The problem is not only to card it, it is also the use of fixatives and lacquers for the hairstyle to endure. If you are going to card your hair do it with a small comb and use the fixers always after.

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