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Why do we like to tan

Lancaster Sun

Tanned skin is synonymous with good health in our society. That is why sun exposure is a common practice. But it is not the only reason. There is also a component animal in the search for the warmth of the sun's rays: they intervene in the human metabolism, as in the rest of the animals. It is true that it oxidizes and ages us, but the sun also gives life and brings optimism and energy.

That's why it's worth it take it consciously and enjoy it to the fullest without risks.

Voile de Monoï de Dior

He always makes sure it was Coco Chanel who made the tan fashionable. And it is true that the designer advocated a dark skin against the white skins of women of high society, among which in principle she was not counted due to its origin. In fact, for centuries it was considered the white skin synonymous with high class. That's why royalty had blue blood (the veins are marked more on whitish skin), the princesses were snow white (like Snow White), and the upper classes went to take the baths fully dressed and with umbrellas and big hats (which (email protected) asks: how could they stand the heat with those black or navy blue dresses?). However, the majority of the population had darker skin, especially in the field, due to sun exposure.

But the origin of the love of tanning is not so novel. The truth is that at the time of Coco Chanel the ideas of the so-called hygienists, born at the end of the previous century and proclaiming a new concept of man and medicine that advocated a more direct relationship with nature and, therefore, with the sun, the sea, the countryside, the forest … These ideas were disseminated throughout Europe and gave rise to concepts and movements such as hiking, naturism, nudism or Bach flowers. Hence the idea that the sun is good, and it is true, although with protection.

Legendari Tan of Lancaster

Sun It stimulates various biological and biochemical processes essential for life, is bactericidal and arouses optimism and the desire to live. Further, It is especially good for children and the elderly, since it synthesizes vitamin D and allows calcium to be fixed in the bones. Enjoying the advantages of the king star only requires taking into account various measures to prevent and repair the damage that solar overexposure can cause. Today there are adequate sunscreens for each skin, not only the skin phototype (light skin, brown, etc.) but also at age, the existence of wrinkles or spots, sensitivity, predilection for a cream, gel, texture. oil or spray, etc., so it is not difficult to find the one that best suits the particular needs and tastes.

Choose the right photoprotector

To get started, you have to choose the right photoprotector well not only to the type of skin (clear, sensitive, brunette, etc.) but also to the particular taste of each, since it has been shown that a photoprotector that is used in disgust does not apply, so it is useless. The way to apply it is also important. The sunscreen should be applied throughout the body in a homogeneous way, not forgetting areas such as the ears, the neck or the instep of the foot, with clean skin and 30 minutes before sun exposure. Although the protector is waterproof (waterproof), it must be reapplied at most every two hours and every time it leaves the water.

Garnier Delial SPF30 oil

This is especially important in the case of children, whose skin is much more sensitive and delicate than that of the elderly. Never expose them to the sun in the hours of maximum radiation and avoid direct exposure of babies and young children under 4 years. It is convenient to protect them with caps and t-shirts, taking into account that the sun's rays also pass through the tissues, and often give them water to drink so that they do not become dehydrated.

Cellular Radiance Emulsion of La Praerie

Sunstroke and sunburn are very dangerous, especially in the case of children. It is estimated that 50% of the cumulative dose of ultraviolet rays is received before the age of 18 and it is believed that a large part of skin cancers originates from sunburn suffered in childhood. On the contrary, also It is known that effective photoprotection during childhood decreases the risk of developing a skin tumor by 60%.

But also older people should be careful. Your skin is already quite disorganized due to skin aging and is prone to the appearance of spots and burns that can degenerate into skin cancer. Must avoid prolonged exposure in the hours of maximum radiation and resort to umbrellas and hats.

Génifique Soleil de Lancôme

Enjoy the sun to the fullest

All this does not mean you should not sunbathe because it is bad, but should be done with caution and taking the necessary measures to take advantage of the advantages that the king star has for the organism.

After exposure to the sun you have to clean the skin well with water and a dermatological soap that does not harm it, and apply an after-sun cosmetic that repairs the ravages, rehydrates and soothes the skin.

And it doesn't hurt to have a little patience. The skin needs three days to synthesize melanin and ten days to regenerate sun-damaged cell defenses.

In summary: being dark is not bad, but you don't have to try to tan in two days and, to get it, don't use photoprotection. The bad thing is to burn, as it can cause serious long-term skin damage.

Biotherm Gelée Lactée Corps

To sunbathe at ease

  • Dior Bronze Voile de Monoï Sublimant. Low sunscreen (SPF10) in spray that embellishes the skin with a natural golden tone, with an exclusive complex (Tan-protect) that ensures triple protection: anti-UVA, anti-UVB and antioxidant, is applied as a cloud; The line consists of five different products that are a true sensory experience. 200 ml € 40
  • Legendary Tan of Lancaster. Concentrated oil for use after sun exposure or throughout the year, it is enriched with a tanning activator complex based on buriti oil, achiote and beta-carotene that facilitates the synthesis of melanin, intensifies the tan, nourishes the skin and illuminates with a golden glow, even without sun, and with an antioxidant complex that neutralizes the action of free radicals that cause skin aging. 100 ml € 35.6

    Avène spray

  • Golden Oil Sublime Garnier Delial. High photoprotective oil (SPF30) enriched with vitamin E (antioxidant) and shea butter, nourishes, prevents skin aging and gives skin radiance, water resistant. € 10.49
  • La Praerie Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30. High photoprotector (SPF30) anti-aging light texture with colloidal gold, quartz crystals and other active ingredients that illuminate the skin and hide wrinkles, contains relaxing and soothing assets (extracts of red algae and boswellia). 50 ml € 372
  • Biotherm Gelée Lactée Corps Voile Nacré Sublime IP6. Low sunscreen (SPF6) in the form of satin body milk (with mother of pearl) of rehydrating action (pro-vitamin B5 and essential oils), when applied it activates the color of the tan. 200 ml € 31.35
  • Avène Face and Body Spray. Spray photoprotector for face and body with thermal water from Avène; with three protection indices: very high (SPF 50+), high (SPF30) and low (SPF10). 200 ml € 23.10
  • Génifique Soleil SPF 30 of Lancôme. High body sunscreen that protects the activity of genes from the action of ultraviolet rays. € 34

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