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Why do I notice drier hair during confinement?

The confinement affects us in many different ways. It affects us in the mood, in the skin, in the hair … Personally, One of the things I have noticed the most is that I have drier hair, despite giving it the same care as always. Is it happening to you too? If you have doubts like this, do not hesitate to contact your trusted [email protected] since, even though the rooms are closed, they will surely love to answer your questions. That is precisely what I have done: speak to three reference hairdressers to explain what is happening to my hair. Take note!

Take care of yourself inside and out

As he tells us Rachel Saiz, of the Blue by Raquel Saiz Room, the hair reflects our mood and our emotions. “We are likely to feel stressed, afraid, uncertain or anxious. All this is interpreted by our body as a state of alert. In this state, the body generates more cortisol and adrenaline, causing the immune system to weaken. Due, “Our hair falls out, we suffer itching and flaking, among many other things. And, all this, together with the lack of light, air and oxygenation ”.

In this situation, the stylist recommends "Treat the problem from the origin and pamper ourselves", with these tips:

  1. The first thing is to have a good diet, drink plenty of water, stay calm and exercise to keep that cortisol and that adrenaline at bay.
  2. The hair is likely to become more dirty than usual. We must keep it clean and hydrated with suitable products. Apply conditioners and masks, as these will prevent tangling and better combing.
  3. Whenever possible, untangle it and dry it in the sun, to achieve greater oxygenation. Rest from the dryers and irons, it is time to fall in love with the shape of your hair again.
  4. Avoid picking your hair when it's wet, make sure it is dry before tying it. And he uses turbans for the dreaded roots for lack of color.

Use suitable products

"Heat and dehydration are the main causes of dry and brittle hair", points the hairdresser Charo Garcia, of the Ilitia Room. "If we add to this the use of products that are not suitable, we just finished it off."

In this sense, he points out that "The best way to have healthy hair is to use products that have an adequate pH to keep your hair regulated. And what is that pH? A pH7 is chemically neutral, but it is not that of the hair. The most beneficial products for hair should range from 5.5 to 3.5, especially after a chemical process. And, today, who doesn't wear them? ” If you have doubts about what product you need, do not hesitate to ask for advice: “Surely your [email protected] is wanting you to ask him in this confined state. Just because we can't open classrooms doesn't mean we're not working. ”

Another tip that the stylist offers us is do not abuse the direct of Instagram in which we are taught to do hairstyles using heat tools. And, as Raquel Saiz also pointed out, it is better to let your hair rest.

Take advantage of the time for extra pampering

For his part, Xavier Arcaronsfrom the living room Xavier Arcarons Perruquers, tells us: "The days of confinement are already beginning to weigh on our mood. We feel down and spend the day in pajamas and with a ponytail as a hairstyle. We think that by having it matted our hair suffers more than expected, but it is not. Only cold air and UV radiation dry the fiber of our hair when we are outdoors. At home you are safe, not only from viruses but also from damage to your manes. ”

However, the stylist invites us to take advantage of this extra time we have to give more care to our mane. Here are his tips:

  1. Brush the hair with a detangling shovel before washing it. The hair is more resistant in dry texture than in wet and thus we avoid its breakage. Also, the use of very hot water is not recommended.
  2. Use those hair care products that one day you bought and they stayed in the drawer for lack of time. I am referring to professional products, since those bought in large stores do not have the same level of dealer as one bought in the hairdressing salon.
  3. Forget about making creams and concoctions with what you catch in the fridge. Yogurt, honey, egg or avocado mixes are not effective. These products are so large in molecular size that they cannot enter or pass through the hair cuticle, and this results in little result.

We help you take care of your mane at home

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