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what they are and how to prevent them


The stretch marks they are one of the biggest aesthetic problems related to pregnancy. They are found in thighs, buttocks, abdomen and breasts, and eliminating them is virtually impossible. Our companions of My baby and I They explain to us what they are, why they are produced and how to avoid them …

Most stretch marks appear during puberty and pregnancy, periods in which large occur hormonal changes. Let's find out what are the causes that cause stretch marks on the skin and how we can prevent them.

What are stretch marks?

It involves tears of the elastic fibers of the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin.

Stretch marks go through two distinct stages of evolution: at first, they appear as pink striations; later, they turn into scars of an off-white color.

To obtain good results in its elimination process, it is necessary to block its development in the first phase, acting effectively. Know the causes that originate the stretch marks It is extremely important to prevent them correctly.

Causes of stretch marks

  • Weight gain: one diet hypercaloric, the consumption of certain medications and, in general, everything that can cause weight gain, cause the skin to be more exposed to tears and tears. During pregnancy, the increase in weight and the thickening of the belly and of the breasts make the body more prone to suffer these aesthetic alterations.
  • Elasticity of tissues: a little elastic fabric, without tonicity, and rather dry, get injured more easily and is not prepared to face bodily changes without suffering damage
  • Hormonal factors: hormonal imbalances They are undoubtedly one of the main causes of stretch marks. Therefore, this problem usually appears during puberty and pregnancy, periods in which women must face a true hormonal storm
  • Predisposition: some women are prone to suffer from this problem. It seems that, originally, there is a hereditary component: Stretch marks tendency can be transmitted from mothers to daughters and it is written in our genetic code.

How to avoid stretch marks

The appearance of stretch marks in the pregnancy It is very frequent because skin must yield to allow the increase in belly. For this reason, the prevention it's extremely important. Here are some tips which will be of great help:

  • Avoid smoking: the tobacco may increase the risk of suffering stretch marks. Therefore, to have a tonic and healthy skin, it is necessary to stop smoking, both before and after conception.
  • Control your weight: during pregnancy, it is inevitable get fat, but taking too many kilos can be harmful to the skin. During the nine months, you should not gain more than 8-12 kilos.
  • Pay special attention to your diet: a healthy and balanced diet considerably reduces the risk of skin tears. It gives preference to animal proteins and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C and E.
  • Drink a lot: to keep a well hydrated body, you must drink a lot of water, about two liters a day.
  • Practice physical exercise: a light physical activity (carried out according to medical consent) allows the weight to be controlled, as well as tone the muscles, thus creating good skin support. During pregnancy, swimming and streching are ideal.
  • Apply moisturizing products: to help the skin overcome this delicate period, apply specific creams on the critical points. A massage practiced twice a day, with constancy, throughout pregnancy and lactation, will keep the skin hydrated, improving its tone and elasticity.