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What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent manicure?

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In The MadRoom We have already talked several times about nail issues and what we like to have groomed. But today we are going to comment and clarify one of the biggest doubts that arise What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent manicure?

It is great to be able to choose between so many colors but it is not so easy to choose which type of enamels is best for us, especially when the differences seem so few. And if we refer to long-lasting enamels we can speak of semi-permanent and permanent manicure. And what are the differences?

Difference between permanent and semi-permanent manicure

Permanent enamelling

Well, as its name says it is "permanent" and it is the most durable option. We can find permanent enameling with different materials: acrylic, porcelain or gel. In all the options we can lock the extension and shape of the nail. This type of product requires drying with UV light to fix the product and achieve greater hardness.

It is applied on our natural nail and the shape and extension is worked according to the client's taste and then it is enameled with the desired color. Its duration? Well, it is permanent, as the name indicates, the only thing that as the nail grows we will see its growth. Therefore, every 20/30 days (depending on the growth rate of our nail) we must go to the salon to work on the manicure.

This is the strongest, most durable option with a fantastic look and shine. We opted for the Gel of the German brand LCN since its quality is unmatched and its finish will leave you in love.

And for its removal it is necessary to do it in the center, by a professional and with a lathe, since it cannot be removed with any type of nail polish remover.

Permanent enamelling

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Semi-permanent enameling

Perhaps we are talking about the most common glaze within "permanent" glazes, especially since there are a large number of shades available.

This enamel also needs UV light sealing for a perfect and durable finish. Its durability will also depend on the quality of the enamel brand we choose, in The MadRoom Madrid we opted for LCN or Semilac. And we are talking between 14/20 days and small cracks may appear.

And for its removal you can do it at home with a nail polish remover, leaving it to act for several minutes. But we recommend doing it in the center, since more suitable products are used and even the help of a lathe.

semi-permanent enameling

What we choose Permanent or semi-permanent enameling?

It is simply a matter of assessing whether we like to change manicures more often, or otherwise we do not have time and we want something more lasting.

At a price level it must be borne in mind that a permanent manicure is more expensive since it lasts longer.

One last tip, from The MadRoom We recommend that after a time using any type of permanent or semi-permanent enameling, you rest your nails and treat them with a specific treatment, such as Natural Naial Boost LCN is the flagship product to protect and repair damaged or weakened nails.

We hope you have learned the difference between permanent and semi-permanent manicure. If you have any questions or anything else to contribute, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

Until next time!

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