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What is hydrolyzed collagen and what are its benefits

Colágeno para arrugas

We grow up listening to the complaints of our elders about how bad their skin looks with wrinkles, or the joint pain they suffer. With the passage of time, the years are falling over us, and we found that all those laments of our grandparents and grandmothers were true. That's when we hear about the famous collagen and how wonderful it is for our health and beauty.

It is a very necessary protein for our body, for this reason it is about one third of all the proteins found in our body, distributed by our muscles, tendons, skin, joints, etc.

As we have seen with the passage of time it decreases naturally, being noticed in joint pain, flaccid and poorly hydrated skin, weak nails, fragile hair, etc.

Collagen for wrinkles

What is hydrolyzed collagen?

Is a supplement which complements our deficit of this protein, once our body no longer produces it in the necessary amount. We should know that it is a complement that is obtained from sources external to our body, but not so different from us, since it is obtained from the bones and cartilage of bovine animals. Although we can also find it from marine animals, skin, scales, etc. Here enters the famous marine collagen which you have surely heard about, if you are looking for information about it, here you will find everything you need: Discover the benefits of marine collagen.

This protein is from big size and for this reason our body cannot assimilate it as it should, for this, there is a technique called enzymatic hydrolysis, whose function is to process the molecules so that in this way they become many others smaller and our body has no problems absorbing them in an easier and lighter way and therefore better.

Apart from the hydrolyzate there are also other ingredients that make our product better than it really is, I'm going to talk a little about them.

An ideal component is the organic silicon, since its function is to create fibers of our star particle, in this way it helps our skin to look more smooth and beautiful.

Açal extract, It is wonderful for the rejuvenation of our skin, and to eliminate stains and granites, thanks to its function as an antioxidant.

A very interesting and curious member is the Phytocelltec Malus Domestica, its origin takes place in the stem cells of apples and soy leticin preparations, also helping us to make our dermis look younger.

As advice, it is best to choose an option that contains the less preservatives possible, to be the least harmful to our health, for this reason the ideal is to opt for a product with the most natural ingredients possible.

Here you have the best choices about creams: Better creams with collagen.

What is it for?

As we have spoken at the beginning of the article, we have surely heard older people talk about joint pain and wrinkles on their face, well, now I will explain what this famous supplement is for.

The natural collagen produced by our body serves to create elasticity and cohesion in our skin, in addition to regenerating dead cells thus reducing the aging of our dermis.

But the problem is that at an age, we no longer produce it in the same way, and that is when the deficits of this protein appear, that is when we need to take this supplement, which will help us to counteract it and feel better, improving bone pain and nourishing our skin, fighting wrinkles in this way.

If you want to have more information about this skin product, I recommend you read this article: All about skin collagen.

Collagen skin

How and when to take it

When we have already bought it and we are willing to add it to our routine, it is when the great doubt arises, how do we take it and when?

Being a supplement, we should know that does not replace any food, but complements it, thus compensating our protein deficit.

The natural decline is progressive over time, usually when we enter the 30s years, is when its production is reduced more quickly, this would be the ideal time to start supplementing it. In this way when we reach 50, we will not notice aging and joint and bone pain in excess, but we will feel more agile and young.

Specialists recommend taking a maximum of 10 grams per dayThey say it is enough for our body to notice the changes and improve our appearance. This wonderful product can be found in pills, powder, liquid, etc.

The best time of day to take it really does not exist, since for each person it will be a different one, it will also vary depending on what purpose we are ingesting it for.

For example, if it is for joint pain, it is best to take it at a time where we are going to be relaxed and resting our bones, usually at night. If it is to better see our digestive system, it is advisable to do it shortly before eating, so that it is better absorbed.

With what we can take it is also a common doubt, because here I solve it.

The ideal is mix it with some liquid such as water, tea, infusion, or pureed. If our supplement also contains vitamin C, the liquid should preferably be cold, so as not to alter the product and lose power.

Collagen tea

Deficit symptoms

It is evident that this protein is totally necessary for our life and for the proper functioning of our body. However, normally as time goes by, we are losing its production, it is here that we need to complement each other so that everything continues to flow naturally and without problems.

To increase our lack, here is this information: How to increase collagen levels.

How do we know that we lack this protein? The following symptoms are the main ones:

  1. Appearance of wrinklessagging skin malnutrition
  2. Joint pain and bone
  3. Possible gastric ulcers
  4. Hair and nail weakness

These are some signs that our body is not doing well because of the lack of collagen in it. But they are not the most serious, since they exist diseases associated with the lack of said protein, which can appear at any age, with women usually being the most affected, are autoimmune diseases, some examples are the following:

  • Systemic lupus erythematosus

It is a disease that mistakenly attacks healthy tissue, especially affecting the skin, joints, brain, etc.

  • Inflammatory muscle diseases

It causes weakness of the muscles, especially the shoulders, hips, breathing problems and cough.

It causes inflammation and pain in all joints, but above all it attacks the hands, with the most affected fingers and wrists.

It harms mainly organs such as skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.


As we have seen so far it is a wonderful product and especially ideal to make us look and feel better. Now let's talk about the main benefits:

  • One of the most notable is the hydration, shine and cohesion which gives us to our dermis, fighting the dreaded wrinkles, filling the skin folds and giving a feeling of youth to our face.
  • Another benefit for which people most choose to add it to their lives, is the improvement and the absence of joint and bone pain, favoring the practice of our daily activities, allowing us to have stronger and healthier bones to feel more agile and lighter, without limits to be able to perform daily actions.
  • Improve our hair, giving volume and brightness, also if we suffer any problem such as the alopecia, it is ideal to take it, as it enriches our scalp leading to the growth of the beautiful.
  • It favors our nails, if we have them weak or fragile, either for some treatment or simply for lack of this protein in our body, this supplement helps us strengthen them.
  • As we know this molecule is also found in the digestive system, so if we have a deficit of it, we could have problems such as gastric ulcers. This supplement helps us prevent them.

For all these privileges offered by this supplement, it is necessary to include it in our routine, to feel Younger than ever!

Collagen Benefits

Collagen-rich foods

Just adding the supplement to our life is not enough, it is necessary to bring a healthy and rich food in this spectacular ingredient. I am going to talk about some examples:

They are very abundant in this ingredient, both in the yolk and in the white and peel, to eat it in a healthy way, we can make it cooked, poached or in the microwave.

Thanks to the sulfur contained in this ingredient, we are encouraged to increase the production of this protein, both raw and cooked, we should incorporate it into our daily lives.

Especially some, such as salmon, is rich in omega 3 and in our beloved particle, one of the most important things is that it prevents cellular oxidation. We can eat together with the egg, there is a very rich recipe, which is ‘Salmon and egg terrine’, we can also make salmon burgers.

It is a wonderful food, since it helps a lot to the production of our desired particle. We can throw it in a multitude of meals to give them a touch of flavor.

It is pure collagen, you can take it for example as a dessert.

Like cherry, raspberry, strawberries, for example we can consume it alone or in small pieces in yogurts.

Like almonds, peanuts, pistachios, etc., they help thanks to their fatty acids.

They are very high in protein, and just because of that it favors us to produce it.

Collagen egg

Collagen with magnesium

As if that weren't enough, and we didn't have enough with this wonderful product, we can also find it with magnesium, with elastin, vitamin C or calcium.

This protein and mineral binding takes place in essential functions for our body, because thanks to this they help us to regulate the nervous system, it gives us all the energy we need, it is wonderful for menstruation and migraine pain, it also prevents us from muscle cramps and annoying and painful contractures.

In addition to taking the supplement, there are numerous foods rich in magnesium, which would be ideal to add to our daily meals, now I talk a little about them:

  • Vegetable origin: nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame.
  • Fruits: Kiwi, pineapple.
  • Vegetables: Soy, lentils, chickpeas
  • Vegetables: Chard, spinach, potatoes.
  • Dairy products: Powdered milk, cheese, eggs.
  • Animal origin: Salmon, caviar, snails, turkey, chicken.

These are the main foods, but there are many more that we could add and make our dishes richer and healthier.

When do we notice the changes?

To notice the effects, we must know what it is essential to lead a healthy life, physical exercise and healthy eating, together with our supplement, apart from never forgetting to take it, and introduce it continuously in our daily routine, we can take it during three months in a row and rest a month if we wish, then take it again.

We have to know that changes and improvements, They will only show while we are taking them, as for example if you take it for joint pain, you will only appreciate the absence of pain when we are ingesting it.

Now, if all this is done, we will notice the effects from the third month, And it is here that we will no longer want us to miss our beauty routine ever again!


This supplement, being a protein that we have in our body, It has no major adverse or harmful effects for us, since it is also hydrolyzed so that we can assimilate it in an easier way and our body does not have to work in excess.

Still, we must be careful if we have any kind of animal protein allergyFor this reason we must be careful and inform ourselves before the origin of our product.

It is also important to know that this supplement contains phenylalanineFor this reason, if we don't tolerate it, we shouldn't take it either.

As we know is very rich in proteinFor this reason, if we are in the middle of a strict diet If we reduce them, it would not be a good idea to consume it in excess.

In short, we have verified that it is a flagship product and that it is very beneficial to add it to our lives to see us and feel young!