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What is cellulite? We answer your questions about her

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Do only women have cellulite? Does stress aggravate my problem with localized fat? If my mother has cellulite, will I have it too? Do not remain in doubt, in active beauty we answer some of the most common answers about cellulite. Do you want to know the answers?

This was also the topic we discussed in our monthly collaboration in the radio program Via Lliure from the station RAC1. This is the audio (in Catalan): Active Beauty in Via Lliure 31.02.13

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<p>In this post we will answer some questions, however it is not the first time we talked about cellulite in <strong><span style=active beauty. If you want to review what we have explained about it you can enter the links that you will find at the end of this post.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is an accumulation of fat, water and toxins in adipose tissue that the body is unable to eliminate by itself. It usually develops around the hips, thighs and abdomen, but can also be found in the arms. Its appearance is spongy and dimpled. Hence, it is known as "orange peel."

Is it normal to have cellulite?

Epidemiological studies say that the percentage of women with cellulite reaches 98% in western populations. What leaves a small, but fortunate percentage (2%) of the female population, free of this unsightly deformation. The answer is yes, it is normal to suffer from cellulite.

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<p><span style=Is it possible that stress aggravates my cellulite problem?

Psychological factors such as stress (adrenaline promotes fat storage), affective or occupational disorders (may influence blood microcirculation), circulatory disorders caused by varicose veins, poor postures or oppressive garments, may favor it. Of course, lifestyle also influences (from lack of exercise and sleep to very hot baths), an unbalanced diet, smoking, excess alcohol and the use of some drugs such as corticosteroids.

If I lose weight, will I still have cellulite?

In many cases yes. In fact there are obese people without cellulite and thin people with orange peel. More than a matter of weight is a matter of poor lymphatic drainage and lack of muscle tone.

The muscles tense the skin and tend to improve the appearance of areas with cellulite, so first of all make a good exercise plan that tones you.

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<p><span style=My periods are irregular, does that affect cellulite?

Hormones, mainly sexual ones, are an incident factor in the cellulite problem. The disorders linked to the menstrual cycle favor the retention of fluids in the lower extremities.

My mother has cellulite, my grandmother also had it, will I also have cellulite?

It should be realistic because when in our family we have a direct cellulite history there is a high probability that we will develop it. Genetics has a lot to say in this regard, but depending on what we do with our lifestyle and nutrition, the greater or lesser evolution of this unsightly enemy will depend. Above all, it is advisable not to lower your guard at any time, adopting permanent healthy habits, because it is better to avoid getting comfortable having to expel it.

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<p><span style=Does it affect only women?

There is a diversity of opinions as to whether it is an exclusively feminine process (it is produced by estrogens) or if it can also be suffered by men, although in the case of taking place in them it usually remains in the early stages.

I'm a smoker, does it affect cellulite?

Yes, tobacco, like coffee, are vasoconstrictors, that is, they narrow the diameter of the vessels, reduce the amount of blood that reaches the periphery of the body and prevent oxygenation of the tissues. In short, they favor cellulite.

Is it true that tight clothing is counterproductive if you have cellulite?

Indeed, the use of tight clothing or even incorrect footwear also influences the formation of this pathology at the level of negative repercussions on the circulatory system due to compression. It is also influenced by hyperlordosis and flat feet.

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<p><span style=One tip: breathe deeply and slowly, to get a greater supply of oxygen that will help improve the quality of our tissue. Tobacco does just the opposite.

A trick that works

Make a depurative day a week. We are not going to force you to go hungry, as you can eat whatever you want but only raw, cooked or juicy seasonal vegetable foods. Drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water per day. If you make this day a custom you will see how not only does your skin look improve, you will also have more health and vitality

Some cosmetic proposals …

Forté PharmaForté Pharma

Celluli Eraser, from Biotherm. Coralina extract, its main ingredient, is a seaweed extract developed by the brand and combined with pure caffeine to promote the degradation of fats and, simultaneously, prevent the formation of new storage cells3. In this way, its results are visible until one month after the last application of the product. Your price: € 36.90 / 200ml.

Cellu Slim, from Elancyl. Formulated to eliminate all types of fat, even the most resistant, it is a product especially suitable for treating the most rebellious cellulite. One of its main characteristics is that it applies the principles of chronobiology: it orders each active principle to act at the right time, in tune with the metabolism: during the morning it facilitates the elimination of fat and at night it prevents its storage. Its texture is melting, moisturizing, pleasant and easy to absorb. Its effectiveness persists until one month after its application. Your price: € 35 / 200ml.

Clarins "width =" 90 "height =" 300 "srcset =" 90w, https: // beauty active. com / wp-content / uploads / Lift-Minceur-Anti-Capitons-de-Clarins-20x67.jpg 20w "sizes =" (max-width: 90px) 100vw, 90px "/> Clarins</figure>
<figure id=Sensilis "width =" 71 "height =" 300 "srcset =" 71w, wp-content / uploads / Silhouessence_Anticelulitico-de-Sensilis-bellezaactiva.com_-20x85.jpg 20w "sizes =" (max-width: 71px) 100vw, 71px "/> Sensilis</figure>
<p><span style=Advanced Body Creator, from Shiseido. Concentrated body treatment slimming and anti-cellulite triple action: breaks, burns and prevents the accumulation of new fats in the body. The body silhouette is sculpted harmoniously as the fat layer decreases in just 2 weeks, and the fat is destroyed and burned. Scientifically proven, thanks to the Fat Fighting Capsules and to the aromacological fragrance SLM that make up the Fat Fight Fighting System. Your price: € 74.00

D Solution Booster, from Valmont. Activating slimming concentrate with an unprecedented association of assets introduced in high concentrations, to combat roundness, nodules and orange peel. It performs three actions: fat-burning, draining, anti-storage and reversal action, which allows fat cells to return to their fibroblast state thanks to the action of the lipo-rewind complex. Your price: € 195 / 100ml.

Genesculpt Cellulite Cream, from Skeyndor. Cream that acts on the origin of cellulite to obtain a more definitive reducing effect. For more effective action, it is combined and complemented with the Fat Sculptor Concentrate. Your price: € 59.80

Filorga "width =" 177 "height =" 300 "srcset =" 177w, wp-content / uploads / Filorga-MESO-SCULPT-bellezaactiva.com_-20x34.jpg 20w "sizes =" (max-width: 177px) 100vw, 177px "/> Filorga</figure>
<p><span style=Concetrado Multi-Action Anti-Cellulite Body-Slim from Lierac. Quick-penetrating flux serum-gel formulated to meet the needs of women with embedded cellulite associated with a loss of firmness and fluid retention. Efficacy in the reduction of cellulite and the appearance of orange peel, slimming action on the thighs and hips and firmer skin. Your price: € 42.50 / 200ml

Night Intensive Reduction Treatment, from Somatoline. Reducing effect cream thanks to the caffeine, draining and smoothing effect and nutritional effect thanks to the shea butter. Stimulant of the blood circulation produced by the heat effect. Ensures results in 10 nights. Your price: € 49.

Anti-Cellulite Gel Cream, from Montibello. Gel cream with anti-cellulite and detoxifying action, indicated to reshape the body contour, reducing cellulite and fluid retention. Visibly improves orange peel by smoothing and tightening the skin. Your price: € 37 / 200ml

TurboSlim Rebel Zones, from Forté Pharma. Drinkable nutricosmetic that concentrates active ingredients from plants specially selected for their anti-cellulite action, to offer a triple action in areas where cellulite has become harder and resistant to treatment. Smooth the orange peel, drain excess fluids and activate circulation. Three unique actions to fight cellulite right at the point where it originates: from within. Your price: € 17.99

Institut EsthedermInstitut Esthederm

Lipofeíne anti-cellulite gel, from Arkopharma. Gel that helps to disinfiltrate tissues, accelerates lipolysis and transforms fat accumulations into free fatty acids. It also reduces cellulite, shapes the silhouette and decreases the orange peel effect. It is formulated with 5% caffeine. Your price: € 12.95 / 220ml

Silhouessence Anticellulitic, from Sensilis. Intensive anti-cellulite treatment formulated with a complex rich in caffeine, carnitine and a peptide innovator. It effectively fights cellulite installed in the buttocks and thighs, reduces the size of fat nodules and prevents their reappearance. It favors the drainage of liquids and toxins thus helping to reduce the accumulations that produce the unsightly appearance of orange peel. Fresh and light texture of rapid absorption. Your price: € 37 200ml

Lift Minceur Anti-Capitons, from Clarins. Formulated with six plant extracts that act at all stages of adipose tissue formation to reduce installed cellulite and prevent new formation. It also has firming assets, which activate blood micro-circulation and hydration. Its price: 53.50 / 200 ml.

Meso-Sculpt, from Filorga. Shock and firming program against cellulite. Safe and painless, it allows you to modify the texture of the skin and the outline of the silhouette between 4 and 6 weeks. The product is presented with a double rotating head roller and a triple efficacy Firming Anti-Cellulite Solution. Your price: € 169.

Slvet System Anti Grease, from Institut Esthederm. The cure of adipose cellulite special attack (excess fat in the tissues, orange peel, localized fat, cellulite not painful to the touch) to remove the orange peel and refine the silhouette after 14 days of treatment.

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