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That was in use in the 18th century as here from William Hamiltons Epistle to Ramsay 1719. The adjective DRESSED TO THE NINES has 1 sense.

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There are several phrases of uncertain parentage that include the word.


What Does Dressed To The Nines Mean. Im not sure but it may come from the idea that people feel they are paying less if they are paying 2999 than 3000. First recorded in the late 1700s. Examples My date and I were dressed to the nines when we went out dancing last night.

To dress very elegantly and smartly. Origin The phrases to the nines or to the nine were used to indicate perfection – the highest standards. How to the nines.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of Idioms this saying originates from the 99th. 4182014 So in the end dressed to the nines is most likely simply an offshoot of the previous to the nines expression more or less meaning perfect or to perfection Where to the nines came from exactly is a bit of a mystery. 1292021 Describing someone as being dressed to the nines.

What does dressed to the nines meanA spoken definition of dressed to the ninesIntro SoundTypewriter – TamskpLicensed under CCBA 30Outro MusicGroove Gro. The nines were singled out to signify superlative in numerous other contexts from the late eighteenth century on but no one is quite sure why. Britain – 19th century.

Dressed to the nines. In modern English usage the phrase most commonly appears as. 7132009 The phrase is dressed to the nines and not dressed to the knives.

DRESSED TO THE NINES used as an adjective is very rare. Definition expr dressed up very nicely. Wearing very stylish and fashionable clothes often for a particular purpose or occasion.

Or to the highest degree. Definition of dressed up to the nines from the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary. Why it should have been to the nines rather than to the eights to the sevens etc.

To be dressed to the nines means that you are dressed your very best. Where did it originate. To be dressed to the nines is to be dressed flamboyantly or smartly.

Add to My Vocab. Implies the donning of expensive clothing jewelry and other fashionable accessories most likely for a formal dance or theatrical performance. Meaning Dressed flamboyantly or smartly.

All the family will be dressed to the nines. Dressed in fancy or formal clothing. Very smartly dressed in ones best clothes.

The meaning of dressed to the nines. Dressed to the nines Adjective Very fancily or formally dressed. The 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary s first example of this earlier form dates back to 1719.

Is an English idiom meaning to perfection. I basically understand that it means getting dressed up but I39ve never heard it before is this a new term or has it been around for a while and why do they say dressed to the 939s what. Dressed up to the nines means.

To the nines. Wearing very showy or splendid clothing. Wiktionary 000 0 votes Rate this definition.

Dressed to the nines also put as dressed up to the nines is British in origin and literally means elaborately dressed to perfection. Secondly dressed to the nines developed as an extension of the much earlier phrase to the nines meaning to perfection to the greatest degree. Nine is the most troublesome number in etymology.

Whats the origin of the phrase Dressed up to the nines. 192008 what does dressed to the 939s mean. The origins of the term are unclear but there are a number of theories related to the number nine specifically.

Many unproven theories exist. Its my daughters wedding today. 482013 The hitch with these clothing-specific origins though is that the simpler phrases to the nine and to the nines were already used to mean to perfection for about a.

Donedressed up to the nines definition. So I39ve heard this term recently where people have talked about getting dressed up to the 939s.

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