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what do you need and how is it done

Jason Momoa con peinado samurái

Jason Momoa with samurai hairstyle

The samurai hairstyle is currently one of the most used styles by men with long hair, especially when they need to keep it away from their eyes and face.

It is a way to collect hair that generates divided opinions since it became a trend, which, compared to other hairstyles, makes it more difficult to defend. However, it has famous ambassadors who are admired for their style, such as Jason Momoa or Jake Gyllenhaal. Below you will find everything you need to know before getting a samurai hairstyle.

What is samurai hairstyle?

Samurai hairstyle in 'Yojimbo'

It is a type of hairstyle for long hair whose main advantage is that it is very practical. Giving hair this style requires little time and effort. In addition, unlike loose hair, prevents hair from covering your eyes.

This controversial bun was the hairstyle used by the samurai, although It is also associated with Western hard men, such as barbarians and Vikings. And of course we do not forget the sumo wrestlers, name with which this hairstyle is also known.

How is it done?

Getting a samurai hairstyle is very simple, since the process is quite instinctive. You only have to comb your hair back from the forehead and group it somewhere in the crown with the help of a hair paste of the same color as this one. Make sure your bun (also known as man bun) is neither too tall nor too low.

For the rest of the hair you have two options. It is often left loose, which gives it a casual and relaxed air, making it combine better with garments of the same style. If you do not want it to be messy, but prefer a more defined result (recommended to form more formal looks), it is so simple how to also collect the rest of the strands. You can also ask your barber to make you an undercut (an extreme contrast haircut with long hair at the top and very short at the sides and neck).

Do you complement it with a beard?

The beard is a good complement, since it forms a great team with the mane and can add masculinity and strength if you think it is necessary. Check out the article: Types of beards. There you will find all the options you have for your facial hair and how to get each of them.

Requirements for a samurai hairstyle

Aidan Turner with half mane

Samurai hairstyle requires a certain boldness, but that is not enough. To get a good version it is necessary that the shape of your face and the type of hair accompany. The following are the minimum requirements. Do you gather them?

Round or oval face

As with all hairstyles with hair back, The samurai hairstyle works best in men with an oval or round face. That does not mean that it will not look good if you have an elongated face, but you should keep in mind that it is quite likely to make it appear longer than it really is.

Hiroyuki Sanada in 'Westworld'

Sufficient length

The most important thing to wear a good samurai hairstyle is to make sure the hair is long enough. It must reach at least to your shoulders. So if parts of a shorter haircut have patience and, above all, avoid insignificant bun until your hair reaches the necessary length.

The versatility of the medium mane

Check out the article: Half-length cuts. There you will find all the options you have for combing your hair when you have let it grow to your shoulders.

Does it work with tickets?

In some cases, yes. It depends a lot on how populated your hair growth line is. Anyway, since the hair must be combed back, there are better hairstyle options if you have tickets and want to hide them. Generally, short haircuts are the ones that best fit men with entrances or fine hair. But whatever your hair type, if you are favored, go ahead with any hairstyle you want to do.

Samurai Hairstyle Maintenance

Jake Gyllenhaal with samurai hairstyle

If you do a samurai hairstyle, you will need to trim the pins and neck as usual. Paying attention to these two points is especially important if you are looking for a samurai hairstyle that is as clean and defined as possible.

When it comes to the rest of the hair, if you have dry ends, tangles or ungovernable hair, consider applying a repairing product during washing. When it comes to combing it, you can use something light like a salt water styling spray. These products usually provide texture and a bit of fixation.

Having a little lacquer or matt wax on hand is not a bad idea either in case you need to use a stronger fixative to finish giving it the desired shape and, above all, keep all those rebel hairs in place. Little by little you will create your own technique.