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What are sulfates and why are they bad for hair?

There has been a lot of talk about them lately and we constantly see in television commercials and magazine reports that we should look for sulfate-free cosmetics. It is the new trend in hygiene and beauty products for hair. But,What are sulfates and why are they bad for hair?? With so much information we often end up confused and unclear on what these harmful substances consist of, what they are used for and why it turns out that they are now harmful. We explain why it is healthier to opt for sulfate-free shampoos.

What are sulfates

It is not the first time that alarms have gone off regarding substances that contain the cosmetics that we usually use for our body and for our hair. The taste for aesthetics of complicated hairstyles, silky hair and with great volume, as well as the obsession to wear long hair that nature has not given us, leads us to look for artificial remedies that help us have that spectacular hair that most Of the time, they are only seen in magazines.

Scientific and technological innovations allow us to achieve miraculous results in almost any area. Now, at what cost? Unfortunately, it is difficult to achieve these so-called "miracles" of aesthetics in a natural way and, therefore, we resort to artificial substances that are not always entirely healthy. Especially if they are abused. Our obsession with wanting to be impeccable at all times, lead us to abuse cosmetics.

One of these chemicals that are present in the composition of many of today's shampoos are sulfates. As with parabens, the health of sulfates is now in question. Let's see why.

Know your hair type:

Sulfate shampoos, more foam, but not more quality.

Sulfates are surfactants that cause a cosmetic to foam. They are widely used in cleaning products for the skin and hair. It is not new that we love that when we go to wash, the product has foam. We mistakenly believe that more foam means that cleaning will be more thorough and effective.

We are also not going to deny that the feeling of the foam on our skin and in our hair when we are massaging them is very pleasant. And we also confuse the fact that a shampoo does or does not foam with the quality of the product.

Well, to all of the above it must be clarified that, in the first place, a shampoo is not bad because it does not foam nor, on the contrary, it is good the more foam it has. In fact, the foam instead of doing us good, actually damages our skin. And, therefore, also our scalp and our hair. Foam and sulfates cause dehydration and can even irritate the skin.

Now, not everything is negative to sulfates, because it is true that they have a positive function and that is that they help a lot to get rid of fat. However, at what price do they do it? Leaving the skin or hair free of fat but dehydrated and attacked, is it worth it? Taking these data into account, experts advise opting for sulfate-free shampoos.

One fact to keep in mind is that the law itself establishes a regulation regarding the percentage of sulfates it can contain a cosmetic, given its danger. And the good news is that many products in turn contain other substances that counteract, or try to, sulfate damage. But, if we bet on more natural and healthy shampoos, our health will appreciate it and, in the long run, so will our hair, because it will look healthy and precious.

Why sulfates are bad for hair

Sulfates are bad for hair because it dehydrates it. There are studies that even demonstrate the toxicity of this substance. In people sensitive to this substance, could cause inflammation and even affect vital organs. Perhaps we have gone too far looking for the most extreme consequences of the use of sulfates, but what if we think that it is a toxic that we use every day? Perhaps seen this way, it is not so far-fetched to consider the possibility of ignoring sulfates and prefer other cosmetics that do not contain it.

We were talking before sulfates clean the fat. This is something we appreciate when we have oily hair or oily skin. Now, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the fat that our body generates has a purpose and that a certain degree of fat must be present, since they are lipids thanks to which we are lubricated. A lack of lubrication results in dryness and its dreaded consequences. Total or partial lack of fat entails aging. Isn’t it true that the use of sulfates is no longer so positive?

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Identifying the substances that are hidden in our cosmetics is not always an easy task. They usually come in English or, even worse, in Latin terms with their scientific name, which makes their location difficult. But stick with this name »Sodium Lauryl Sulfate», and with this other Sodium Laureth Sulfate. The first is sulfate itself, while the second is the lightest and least aggressive variety, although it is not entirely safe either. In fact, its entry into the body has a cumulative effect, which increases its toxicity. There are also studies that classify this substance as a carcinogen.

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