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What are "foxy eyes"? We tell you the hacks to achieve this trend in eye makeup

What are "foxy eyes"? We tell you the hacks to achieve this trend in eye makeup

The world of beauty is always changing and bringing us new trends to try. We love it! Now we leave the typical cat eye to try cooler outlines, and now it's time to meet the 'foxy eyes', a new beauty trend born in TikTok that will "sharpen" your look and you will look cool (mysterious and elegant).

BY THE WAY! Although this method was known as a type of medical procedure to achieve this look, the beauty experts They give us some hacks to achieve it WITHOUT any procedure, and with a lot of creativity.


Ok, this type of eyeliner and beauty tip involves a little more work, so we recommend practicing it and leaving it for special occasions. If you love how you look, since you master it you can do it in seconds.


The first step to make the 'foxy eyes' is that you must have your eyebrows well plucked so that they look uniform, and preferably straight, so that your look looks very sharp. If you have a very particular eyebrow shape, you can help yourself by putting a base to give them this shape. Zero complications!


For this style you will need false eyelashes (we know, it is a step that requires work, but it is worth it). Glue the tab in such a way that at the end of your eye it is a little "raised" and that there is an open angle, where you will make the piquito delineated. In short, the false eyelash should be a little above your natural eyelashes at the end of the eye.

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