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We've had a crush on this glitter eyeshadow that's super bright but also stylish and understated

We've had a crush on this glitter eyeshadow that's super bright but also stylish and understated

We could talk long and hard about our tastes when it comes to eye shadows regards. Some pay homage to the smoked classic, others prefer mix colors, a marked eyeliner and nothing else is also a widespread choice. Cream, powder and matte textures and … brightness! Fault to Euphoria if you want, or to this unicorn universe that we have built ourselves millennials, but the truth is that, in recent years, the interest in glitter shades It does not stop growing.

And now is when you tell us that you don't count in that group. Not to mention. That you run away from the shine and that you always pursue a simple makeup without great shrillness. And we will tell you to wait until you meet this shadow, which will change your opinion a lot. Because the effect glitter It is not at odds with elegance, and to the tests we refer with the Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow by Hourglass in tone Aura.

Because we like it?

First, because its creamy texture it is not heavy at all, and it fades very easily. In fact, you can work it based on layers, depending on the intensity you want to obtain. On the other hand is that irresistible tone halfway between aubergine and metallic magenta, which works wonders Whether you have light or dark eyes. And finally, the most important thing: its bright halo. We are not talking about an uncontrolled glitter festival, but a luminous finish, which almost seems aquatic. Their reflective pearl particles project that halo of light, capable of resurrecting the most tired look. The effect is, without a doubt, a real beauty that you should not miss. Yes, even if you're a detractor from glitter shades, as both color and finish are sophisticated, subtle and ultra-flattering. Be sure to try it the next time you go to Sephora.

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