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Wedding Hairstyles 2019 Easy Step by Step for Bride and Guests

Wedding Hairstyles 2019 Easy Step by Step for Bride and Guests

If you are about to go to a wedding and want to know What is the best hairstyle to wear to the wedding? so stay in this article because you will find the best images and photos about wedding hairstyles With the step-by-step explanation to learn how to do it and look elegant at the party.

You can be the girlfriend, a guest wave Bridesmaid since there are different functions to occupy in this family reunion and friendship party where trust is consolidated above all with the other person you want.

That is why this moment is so important and especially if you are the bride because being a very desired dream and seeing you as a princess being the most beautiful of the event is something that I will teach you how to do.

💐 Hairstyles for a wedding step by step in pictures

There are different hairstyles for the wedding The important thing is to know which one is the most suitable for your face and especially depending on the wedding dress you wear if you have to be the protagonist.

Since a collected hairstyle can clear your face and highlight the color of your eyes added to a makeup that is in pastel tones without overloading colors, as well as using different accessories such as a tiara or wearing a headband it all depends on how you like to reach the altar .

Good less words and more action I will start by showing you some easy and romantic wedding hairstyles.

Hairstyles collected for brides who can wear at the wedding

wedding hairstyles bride gathered with herringbone braid

Wavy hairstyles with different terminations and appliques for brides

curly wavy wedding hairstyles

The flowers in the wedding hairstyles give a romantic modern chic style

floral wedding bridal hairstyles

In this case, simple bridal hairstyles collected for long hair:

  1. Apply to damp hair foam to give the hair a greater volume but also to protect it from the heat of the party and so that it is not disheveled while maintaining the shape of curls or waves.
  2. To put the foam for loops or curls in the hair you have to take a comb in which they made the foam and then you start combing from the root to the ends.
  3. As a beauty tip I recommend that you rub your fingertips so that you take good roots.
  4. With a hair dryer you dry your hair to remove all the moisture you have in your hair and let the hair foam begin to act.
  5. To dry you have to start with the front strands from the root to the tips all the bangs and hairs on the forehead, once you finish you have to dry the rest of the hair with the hair dryer.
  6. In this next step you have to use an iron to straighten the hair and leave it straight but remember to never use the hair straighteners with wet or wet hair only if you use a keratin treatment that is not the case.
  7. Now you take from the middle of the head and comb forward by taking a strand that you pull back and fasten with a clasp on the neck.
  8. Side combs the hair that you have on the forehead and you wear it behind the ear.
  9. Now you separate the back of the hair into two strands making a top and bottom part to make different hairstyles that complement the overall hairstyle.
  10. Taking the strand of hair down with the hair straightener begins to make curls or waves giving the intensity you want for that you have to put the iron between the strand and then turn up.

As you will see, there are many steps because I detail everything but it is really very simple and you will also look very elegant with your wedding dress.

The most used wedding hairstyles this year are combining different styles as well as the braid and loose hair is also widely used since the day and summer marriages are mostly chosen.

But evening weddings continue to predominate because of their tradition and custom where the party lasts for many hours and the bride must also adapt her dress from the church, ceremony, dance and party to be as comfortable as possible, the same goes for her hairstyle since its initial look is not the same as the one made when dancing where you try to be more comfortable.

A predominant factor is the budget you have since it is not the same to get a hairstyle in a beauty salon so that the whole wedding lasts than to change the look throughout the event.

At the last wedding I saw I could see that the bride made up to three hairstyles, from makeup to the wedding dress.

Hairstyle with appliques and waves for weddings

wedding hairstyles apply flowers

Hairstyles for bride at her wedding with long hair

long hair wedding hairstyles

I am in favor of using appliques such as flowers, bright objects and different types of tiaras or headbands for wedding hairstyles since you are the princess of the party and you have to stand out.

👰 Hairstyles for the bride

In this video I prepare some designs to learn how to make hairstyles with flower appliques that are very beautiful if you organize your wedding for spring or summer.

You can wear loose hair or collected hair depending a lot on the weather of the event because if the wedding is done in autumn or winter it is best to do it with loose hair since with some shine or flowers you can give it by waves or loops a lot of movement.

On the other hand, if you suffer from the heat of spring or summer because the wedding was organized for those hot months, wearing your hair is the best option.

I will explain below some hairstyles collected for weddings that you would like to wear in your hair since you will see yourself with a romantic hairstyle but in turn you will realize that it is very easy to do.

💐 Wedding hairstyles collected (bride hairstyles collected)

wedding hairstyle collected romantic

Hairstyle collected from bun for wedding

  1. The strands in front of your head should be left loose and the strands of back you gather to make a ponytail with a hair band.
  2. Now you have to open the ponytail and pass it inside to give it the desired effect
  3. You press taking the two ends of the ponytail and add some forks or pins so that they go unnoticed putting one for one side and the other for the other.
  4. You put a rubber on the tips of the ponytail that went inside, with this you will be able to manipulate and move your hairstyle easier to place.
  5. Now you put the tips inside where the previous hairpins were and fasten them with new ones staying in the neck as if it were a giant loop with volume.
  6. You start working with the two strands (one on each side) of your forehead that you left loose by making loops and waves with a loop
  7. Now you take it behind your head and hold it with pins on the giant loop you made earlier, first one lock and then the other.
  8. You put a bit of hair spray and you're ready to look like a romantic bride for your wedding.

Italian style wedding hairstyle

  1. Pick up the hair behind your head as if you were making a bun and curl your hair.
  2. When you have already picked it up and enter the protruding tips so they do not look and hold it with forks.

Hairstyle collected banana style for wedding

  1. You have to throw all your hair to the side that you like
  2. Now we place a row of hairpins right in the middle of the head so that the hair on the side you put it is kept
  3. You take the hair and begin to give it a rounded shape by putting the tips inside and holding it with open forks.

I leave you some steps in images to make you collected for weddings

hairstyles for wedding steps pigtail impeller

From a ponytail a braided to a chongo

wedding hairstyles steps headband impeller

Informal side roll

wedding hairstyles rolled up steps

Flower-shaped hairstyle

hairstyles for wedding steps flower

wedding hairstyles steps braids hippie

⛪ Wedding hairstyles in short hair

These hairstyles for short hair that I am going to teach you are for weddings and it will not take you more than 10 minutes which is an advantage and they are very simple since they can be done by anyone even if you are not very skilled with your hands.

They can be used both for the night and for the day which is an advantage you have for your wedding or to go to a friend's wedding.

  1. With a hair pin or loop you can start making only six Chinese (which is simply taking six strands and rolling them in the loop) to make loops in wicks.
  2. By having short or medium-hair hair, those loops or wavy hair will look larger
  3. Now you have to take a wick from the side of your head that is from the middle part leaving loose hair forward and that wick you turn it twisting as if it were a churrito
  4. You take the tip with two fingers and raise the other part to the root slowly and adjust and take it backwards to fix with a pin or a fork.
  5. To continue you take another wick but it is from under the churrito you made and make another one (twisting as if it were a ringlets) you pull a little just for the side of the root and fix it with a pin.
  6. Repeat this process but on the opposite side with which you will realize that you will form a kind of headband (remember to leave some free hair forward)
  7. To enhance the hairstyle I recommend applying a brooch with glitter and put behind where you have the pins.

If you get to notice that the front hair, theoretically you would have to stay two Chinese or wicks with waves from each side forward, if they bother you in sight you can fix them on each side with a fork.

These hairstyles for a wedding with short hair are undoubtedly ideal because they are easy to do and can be used at all times as well as implemented if you have long hair.

To start this second hairstyle for short hair you have to:

  1. Take two small strands on the back of the neck and put one of each end to make a ponytail or ponytail and fix it with a transparent hair jelly
  2. Then we grab very little hair that marks as if it were the crown, you will see that you will have hair on your neck that you also have to pick it up and put on a garter forming a horsetail that you must screw in forming a wrap that you fix it with pins from both sides
  3. The two big strands of each side of your head what you have to do is try to make a braid (as long as your haircut is not layered) to cover the chongo
  4. When you get to the ends of the braid you put it back and pin it on the little wrap you made,
  5. Now everything changes because what you have to do is make two braids on the other side with the strand of hair but leaving a wick of hair in front without touching
  6. The first braid you leave with a pin so that it does not fall apart while you do the second but taking the hair from the lock of the bottom.
  7. This smaller braid serves to hide all the defects that remain and fix it behind hiding all the rebel hairs that were left over.
  8. With the last braid that you left with a pin it serves to cover all the pins and as a tip before fixing it you can put it wider to offer greater volume and cover more the imperfections in the neck adapting it as you like.

👰 Hairstyles for a civil wedding

If you are thinking what type of wedding hairstyles you can take, I will leave you some ideas that work very well because of the trajectory and experience that I was acquiring, I can advise you since they are simple and can be used for day weddings and for evening weddings .

The most chic for a current and modern wedding are romantic hairstyles.

Hairstyle for civil wedding Chongo Hippie Chic

  1. In the center of your head you put a hair band, and then you make a hair line that can be in the middle or on the side as you like and stay comfortable.
  2. You start winding the hair in churritos or giving it waves and insert it into the band. As a tip take thin strands in the front and in the thick part of the neck.
  3. Once you have all your hair curled you do the same action on the other side always starting at the front and then ending with the back.
  4. Always loose hair you have to fix them with pins or hairpins so that in the middle of the party you do not untie.

You can use both long hair and short hair for this type of hair and if you want to leave some hair loose.

chic hippie chic wedding hairstyles

Chic Greek style hairstyles with a band or headband for the bride

hairstyles wedding bride greek hippie chic

Hairstyle of a stylish braid for a civil wedding

This is a hairstyle that looks great if you want to wear a strapless dress or a shoulderless blouse.

  1. Start by making a ponytail at the height you like best, then make a line through the middle of your hair
  2. And you have to pass all that ponytail through that line until it is completely removed from the other side.
  3. You have to tighten a little so that it does not fall apart, then with the hair that you have left of the pigtails it is best to make a braid and fix with a garter on the tips.
  4. Then you fix all the hair with spray that is fixative and ready.

A fast and simple hairstyle for your civilian.

Fashionable chongo for a civil wedding

It is a hairstyle that looks a lot on the catwalks and is very effective for its elegance but also for its speed in doing so.

  1. You have to make a ponytail but be tall as high as you can get
  2. With a comb and gel you can comb so that it looks formal and elegant, if you want you can also use pins to better control the hair
  3. With a pair of socks or socks that you have broken you roll it up and insert it right where you put the rubber of the pigtail
  4. Now you comb the hair around this form of donut by covering the sock with the hair when you achieve it, you add another garter so that the hairstyle is fixed around.
  5. If you have loose hairs, use pins or hairpins so that the chongo is not noticed and stands out much more.

In this type of hairstyles it is ideal to have California wicks made because they greatly improve lighting.

Crescent chongo for a civil wedding

  1. To start you have to accommodate your hair as you use it, then you have to divide the hair into three parts to make a French braid
  2. Braids if possible try to be of equal size and thickness, trying not to be too tight.
  3. Use transparent garters so they don't see each other later on the bug
  4. Now you have to tangle them once you finish as if it were the Frida Kahlo style forming a kind of bug all on the same side
  5. You have to tie up with pins, try not to tighten them much so you can see your elegant look but at the same time fresh and light.

👰 Hairstyles for a guest wedding

Both the guests and the godmother are details that you do not have to leave aside, not only focusing on the wedding hairstyle but the guests are much fixed to go elegant and with a beautiful presence as well as the godmothers that are very important for the event.

With any of these two hairstyles you will be the perfect guest so get to work.

Collected with herringbone braid for guests

  1. Start by making a straight line on one side of your hair that you like best
  2. In the part with more hair you leave a wide strand and then take another strand and another but now on the other side making sure you do not have more hair in between and then cross them to make a braid of herringbone.
  3. You follow the process by taking a lock of one side you pass it to the other side and now do the same on the other side.
  4. What you have to do braiding is to take it to one of your side of the head with which you will get a more sophisticated look.
  5. If you squeeze the braid well then it will hold you as long as possible and you will end the party even if you dance without ruining your look.
  6. To give greater volume to the braided spike after finishing the opening slowly to make it wider and tie it with a rubber at the ends of the hair
  7. Now what you have to do is carry the braid winding on itself and then you pass a bun fork
  8. The strand in front of your forehead that you left at the beginning you separate it into two strands and one you put it behind which will be the widest adjusting with the rubber of the first braid and if you can hold it with another bun fork taking advantage of that they are invisible to the eye
  9. The thinner mechita from the front undulates it with a loop but in a simple way so that it has a natural effect

As advice you can hold with a small hair rubber after four braids and continue braiding so that you do not disassemble in the middle of the whole process.

Semi Picked up card for guests

  1. You start by making a line in the middle and with a comb that is fine combs loading hair from the middle to the crown by parts from the center first.
  2. Then you do the same but from the sides and you put that volume of hair back.
  3. You bring the hair towards the center of the head and flatten the hair as far as possible so that they are neat and fastened with a hairpin.
  4. On one side you take a strand and carry it back so that it is very flat and hold it right next to the first fork so that it is fixed.
  5. You repeat the same process on the other side.
  6. Now so that you can give it a more professional look you have to undulate the entire bottom of the mane that you can do it with a curling iron that is preferably a looper so as not to be pulling so much of the hair and the hairstyle can be disassembled.
  7. Then comb so that the curls look more natural and apply a little shellac so that the carding does not disassemble.
  8. As a detail you can add in the carding a wall lamp or a bright flower pin.

⛪ Girl's wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for girls can not be missing since always in the family girls can be the ones that help the bride or as guests but they must be very neat and keeping hair clear since they usually play and can be easily disheveled.

hairstyles for wedding girls

💐 Beach wedding hairstyles

Currently it is very fashionable to do the wedding on the beach in the summer but you always have to think about generally the heat and the wind can be quite annoying, so it is advisable to wear your hair or use fixed hairstyles that do not have so much movement the hair to control it.

Hairstyle collected making a natural headband with her braided

braided wedding hairstyle

This chongo is very beautiful with the detail of the roses, a nice choice to have a clear face

wedding hairstyle picked up chongo

💐 Hairstyles for a garden wedding

The park or the garden as a natural setting is also another of the many choices outside the church, which is why we always try to use floral appliques on the hairstyle to give it that freshness and naturalness that is sought so that the wedding is formal but to your Once a touch of informality that is so much sought after.

garden wedding hairstyles

This step by step shows you how you can quickly collect hair with white roses as decorative appliques.

wedding hairstyles steps impeller

💐 Elegant wedding hairstyles (loose)

You have to think that loose hairstyles where you do not tie your hair the wind does not have to be a factor that can harm you so always try to be for a church or closed spaces.

As you can see in the photos, the loops as well as the lighted wicks that accompany the look you want to wear on your wedding day are a good detail.

elegant wedding hairstyles

Here we have another very nice one where the loops and the hair gathered back dominates the situation leaving the neck free marking that elegance that you are looking for in a stately but romantic way.

elegant wedding hairstyles pigtail loops

The volume is very important when combing because it highlights a lot of makeup on your face but it is also essential to wear beautiful shiny earrings.

elegant wedding hairstyles volume

⛪ Wedding hairstyles with braid

There are different types of braids but always combining with the right hairstyle can be an excellent choice since they are beautiful, modern hairstyles that can be used sideways or with appliqué as with tiara.

Cascading braids for loose hair on bride with her wedding dress

hairstyles wedding braid waterfall loose hair

The braided impeller can not be missing if you have a lot of hair and I assure you that it is very beautiful although it takes a few more minutes to make

wedding hairstyles steps braids jumpsuit

I hope you liked these simple modern wedding hairstyles 2019 in many cases with videos and photos so you can get inspired and learn all the steps.

I invite you to share with your friends on social networks and if you need any help you can ask me.