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Wear a waist marked with these exercises and food

Marca tu cintura con dieta y ejercicios fáciles de hacer

Has it happened to you that you arrive at a clothing store and find the perfect blouse or dress but trying on it does not look as you expected in the waist area? It is awful, true? And the truth is that all women dream of having a marked waist and especially that when sitting we do not have those annoying "chubby" that only make us complex or stop using our favorite clothes.

It is also very true that it is one of the most difficult areas to mark and maintain, because it takes a lot of patience, discipline and above all will to change our eating and exercise habits, so now we give you some tips that can serve you In case you are looking to wear a beautiful and marked waist. Surely you've heard the pillars to have a body fitness they are food and exercise, so we will address it separately; However, be aware that as it is focused fat, no changes will be noticed within a week, so you must be patient and above all persevering.


There are different types of exercises for each of the body's needs, so you should know how to identify which are the correct exercises for each area, and if you do not know them we leave you some:

1. Run or jog

Girl jogging in sportswear, listening to music

It is one of the easiest ways to eliminate fat and perform cardio. You can go jogging 30 minutes a day, it doesn't really matter if you run on a track, in the park near your house or go to the gym to use the treadmill.

2. Squats

Girl doing squats with garter and sportswear

With this exercise you will be working the buttocks, so that the waist and hips fat moves to that area, so that your butt will look bigger and the “chubby” will disappear. Whatever type of squat you choose, perform 15 repetitions in sets of 4.

3. Abs

Woman doing sit-ups with sportswear

It is true that in the beginning it will cost you a lot to do them, but I assure you that once you have practice it will be easier and easier; also keep in mind that they are the main exercise to achieve a marked waist, there are many types and you can alternate them on the days you exercise. Perform 20 repetitions in sets of 4 in any of its types.

4. Knee lifts

Girl performing knee lifts with sportswear

To do this you must stand with your legs apart at shoulder height and place your hands behind the neck, so you should raise your knee and try to touch the elbow on the opposite side; To achieve this, he lowers a little. Perform 25 reps in sets of 4 on each side.


Needless to say, exercising will not help much or give the same results if it is not combined with a proper diet, so we leave you some tips and foods that are good for reducing the waist and starting to mark it; Even so, we recommend that you go to a specialist to ensure that your diet is correct.

1. Salmon

Spiced Salmon Saucer

Thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids it contains, it helps your body burn fat instead of storing it.

2. Almonds

Small bowl with natural almedras

They have protein and fiber, they leave you feeling full, in addition to providing you with energy to perform your exercise routine.

3. Natural teas

Green tea cup

These are a source of antioxidants that help you lose weight; We recommend white, green and red teas.

4. Spinach

Plate of spinach with lentils and avocado

This vegetable helps you not retain fluids and is a source of vitamin A, folic acid and potassium.

5. Eliminate the consumption of ultraprocessed

Ultra processed food

It goes without saying that this type of food will only swell you, make you retain fluids and also make it more difficult to eliminate body fat.

6. Drink 2 liters of water daily

Glass of natural water

It is very trite to say it but it is true, not only will it help you stay hydrated but it will also help in digestion.