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We were at Telva's Beauty T!

Carolina Herrera daughter picks up the T by CHMen

They are the most prestigious beauty awards in Spain and one of the most anticipated annual events by brands and journalists, since we can rarely coincide all in the same space at the same time. The Telva T Beauty Awards this year marks its 22nd edition by changing space, as the Ritz Hotel has become small. This year the party was celebrated with the classic tea at the Palace Hotel and we have to recognize it: we had a blast!

Mercé Cano de Lancaster with Manuela Velasco

Actresses, presenters, well-known faces of the jet-set … Everyone was there and you can see them photo by photo on along with a very complete report about the details of the party and the winners.

But we also want to tell you, because year after year we enjoy the hospitality of Telva and we love this date in which you breathe honey. It is not easy, since in that same room are the representatives of the most prestigious cosmetic brands on the market, the most sold, the most exclusive, the most elite and the most popular, along with doctors, estheticians, journalists from different media, pretty faces … One would think it is a tense and competitive situation. But there are no fictitious smiles, but many kisses, many reunions, eager to share a moment of celebration and joy. It is always like this, but in these moments of crisis it is much more appreciated. And to Active Beauty all this makes us very happy.

Jury journalists

One of the keys that make these awards the most prestigious in the Spanish landscape is that they are chosen by an independent jury formed by 15 journalists specialized in beauty from different media. Some of them appear in the photograph. From left to right, above: Paloma Artola (head of the beauty section of Telva), Teresa de la Cierva (XL Weekly ABC), María Fernández Miranda (Yo Dona), Lola Carretero (Cadena Ser), Mamen Ruiz Puertas (Woman de Hoy), Charo Galán and Spnia Fornieles (AR). Sitting: Lola Pérez Collado (COPE), Àngels Marín (My God, how the ravages of Christmas are noticed!), Beatriz Peña (Weekly of El País), Esperanza Jiménez (Ten Minutes), Alejandra Fernández (Magazine El Mundo) , Mamen Infante ( and Eva Cascón (Joyce). Missing in the photo Myriam Serrano (Woman) and Mª Paz González Gabriel (Mía).

The gala had as a presenter the young actress Manuela Velasco, winner of a Goya for the film REC, which showed that she is much more than a beautiful girl, since she won those present with her sympathy and her facility to improvise.

The winners as the best product of the year 2009 in each category are:

The winners along with Nieves Fontana, director of Telva

. Women perfume: Essence by Narciso Rodríguez. Ffloral and musky fresh fragrance, very taste of the Spanish, but at the same time persistent, creation of the Spanish perfumer Alberto Morillas, considered the "master" of current noses. € 71

. Men's perfume: CH Men by Carolina Herrera. Spices, wood, flowers, citrus and herbs in a solid and persistent perfume for an adventurous man. € 74

. Facial treatment: Génifique from Lancôme, three products that stimulate the activity of skin youth genes. Between € 51 and € 90

. Body treatment: Tournaround Body from Clinique, cream that exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. € 37.

. Makeup: Line UNE, natural makeup with 100% biological ingredients with textures that adapt to the skin and very «I don't go makeup» tones. Between € 10.90 and € 21.50.

. Hair. Line Pureology, line of care for colored hair, number one in this sector in the United States, which also includes an antioxidant active. From € 19

. Sun. Line Sun sport from Lancaster. Three sunscreen products designed for outdoor sports with fresh textures that neutralize 80% of the free radicals that cause skin aging. From € 24

. Value for money: Granada Body Line from Welleda. Products for mature skin with pomegranate oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, free of preservatives, dyes and synthetic perfumes. From € 7.85

. Most practical product: Definity Color Enhancer from Olay. Three-in-one cream, as it is an anti-aging moisturizer that incorporates a foundation and makeup alone. € 34.50

. Man: Hydra Energetic Eye Roll-on Men L’Oréal Paris Expert. Eye contour in roll-on ice effect that relaxes and eliminates bags, dark circles and signs of tiredness. € 10.95

. Home Institute: IPulse IPL system. Intense pulsed light hair removal device (IPL) that gradually reduces the appearance of hair. € 349.

. Most Innovative Product: Inoa from L’Oréal Professionnel. Permanent coloring without ammonia for hairdressers with a high oil content that can lighten hair up to three shades and completely dye gray hair without odors or itching. Price according to hairdressers