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We reveal false myths about hair … and enjoy your mane!

How many times have you heard that if you want to have the brightest hair, at the end of the rinse you should use cold water, that washing your hair daily is bad or than you must change shampoo because "the hair gets used" and no longer acts as expected of it. The truth is that many statements about hair are not scientifically supported, discover what is true -or not- in some statements that you have always heard, we reveal false myths about hair.

Hair shine and cold water

Well no, no it is necessary to go through the sacrifice of rinsing the hair with cold water so that the hair is brighter. In fact, there is no scientific evidence to support this theory that left us shaking after washing our hair. You can rinse your hair with lukewarm water – yes, lukewarm, neither hot nor cold – because doing it with cold water does not increase shine.

Rinse hair just enough

Similarly, there is no scientific evidence to show that you should rinse your hair for a long time. Experts assure that only 30 seconds rinsing necessary (yes with warm water) If we do not want all the benefits of the products we use during hair washing to disappear down the drain.

If you start a cane …

But there are still more false myths to banish. For example it is false that if you start a gray hair more. There is no point in plucking white hair from affecting those around you. The hair appears white when the pigment cells of this single hair die, therefore plucking one does not affect the others.

Bet on brushing

Do not be fooled! the hair does not fall more if you brush it frequently and you will not cause the tips to break. Brushing the hair has no negative effect on the hair, on the contrary, brushing the hair in the morning will help activate blood circulation after sleeping and brushing at night is recommended to remove all impurities. that have adhered throughout the day. What is important is to use the appropriate brush. If you have long hair, use a brush with flexible bristles instead of stiff, as it is softer to the hair.

The hair does not attend to customs

It is also not true that we have to change shampoo every so often because the hair gets used to it. There are no specific indications that hair or scalp will get used to a particular shampoo. The most modern and high quality shampoos are specially prepared to be used regularly and continuously; As long as you are satisfied with the benefits of the shampoo you usually use, you should continue using it.

Wash your hair when you need it

We have one last good news for you: it is not bad to wash your hair every day. Modern shampoos and hair products in general are much milder than before, they cleanse the hair while being gentle on the hair fiber and scalp. Of course, we must choose shampoos appropriate to the needs of our hair.

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