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We have the name of the winners of Thalgo's chests

Conte du Khalife, by ThalgoMen

Well yes, here again feeling like the magician queens of beauty in the most anticipated entry of the month: the one that reveals the name of the winners of February that yes, flew between our fingers because it only had 29 days !!!

We remind you that we still have another contest running. Yes, it is the one in which we explained that Your declaration of love is worth 1 Million. All right, 1 Million, Lady Million and all the bath line of the two perfumes of Paco Rabanne that since its appearance are sales leaders in Spain. You can still participate, you have time until March 14. You just have to explain to us how you declared (or would declare yourself) to your partner at the entrance: Your declaration of love is worth 1 Million.

But back to the February raffle … in which we put at your disposal six chests of the marine cosmetics brand Thalgo, three for them and three for them. This is the brief description of the content of each of them.

  • Cabaret des Sources it is the female chest and contains a Desalting Mask, a Eye contour cream and finally one Moisturizing Vital Cream.
  • Conte du Khalife It is the male chest and contains the shampoo and gel Vivifying Shower, a Facial Regenerating Treatment and a Eye Fatigue Serum.

And the winners are…

Cabaret des Sources, by Thalgo

Cabaret des Sources

  • Light, that explained that I have loved the braids but the makeup proposals – especially from Pantene Pro-V – are not far behind, fantastic the color of shadows and lips!
  • Rubifen, that recognized that I did not know the brand but like almost everything you say it looks great. Thank you for discovering products..
  • Cello: that regarding the controversial horse shampoo reminded us: Just a few days ago I asked you about this shampoo in Beauty questions, do you remember? As a result of my daughter telling me about him…

Conte du Khalife

  • Maria Pilar, that told us: Precious chests if I play the boy's gift I give it to my husband, and if I touch the girl I give it to me, good luck to all.
  • Adriiana, that regarding the entry of snow cosmetics exclaimed: How cold it has entered me. Very good advice as always. How do you take care of us !!!.
  • Juan, that regarding the proposals for Valentine's Day he told us: I opt for eau d’lkar de sisley, perfumes are my thing, although the bath bomb is not bad either. Well, none of the ideas presented here are wrong, all together on Valentine's night would not be bad.

Tomorrow we will reveal the March raffle …

You won't miss it, right?

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