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We give you the best tips to cut your (long) bangs at home to wear it somewhat shorter

We give you the best tips to cut your (long) bangs at home to wear it somewhat shorter

2. The bangs are cut dry

If you cut it while it's still wet you risk drying it be shorter than you wanted. "If not, it is easy to end unwanted baby bangs. It is always important to start with air-dried hair, without stretching with a flat iron or blow dryer: in this way, we will avoid exceeding ourselves in the cut," advise from Maison Eduardo Sánchez.

3. You have to cut diagonally

Perhaps this is the most difficult advice to follow, but resist the temptation to cut straight (to get started). "Use your index and middle fingers to catch the bangs between your fingers and stretch your hair. Use your fingers to control the length you are looking for – the excess left over is what you should cut," comments Eduardo Sánchez.

"The easiest thing is to turn the hair slightly upwards and not cut in a straight line, but approach the hair diagonally: instead of making a flush cut, it is much better to enter with the scissors inclined, cutting with an upward movement, with a gesture like pecking. It is better than cutting it straight, because if you first cut straight and then you want to make it irregular, it is much more difficult. "

4. Straight bangs are the most difficult (but not impossible)

Perform a straight bangs without going through professional hands it can be difficult. Thus, the expert says that "In order not to be surprised, it is best to cut as little as possible, do only the bare minimum. In that case it is better to use a wide comb, avoiding the fine-toothed one, so that there is no tension in the hair and everything is the same length. "