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We give you the 6 steps to a professional facial, worthy of a luxury spa

We give you the 6 steps to a professional facial, worthy of a luxury spa


Experts recommend that for a deep cleaning of the skin, it must be 100% clean. We recommend using an oil-based cleanser first so you can remove any traces of mascara or makeup, as well as traces of dust and dead skin. Subsequently, you can clean your skin with a facial soap, focusing on the fatty areas of the skin of your face (the T zone par excellence).


Before continuing, in this step we have to make you a friendly reminder:exfoliation of the face MUST be gentle! Do not use abrasive products or strong sizes; This will only cause you to hurt your skin. Make sure that the granules of the facial scrub are small so that you do not hurt your skin. And to pamper yourself extra, remember that you should pay attention to details such as having a delicious aroma and nutrients for your face. You can also make your own scrub, using shea butter and mix with white sugar.


For this step, we suggest you attend to the problem that most concerns you about your skin: hydration, oily skin, pimples, energy boost or pigmentation. There are various masks for all skin types! If you are going to try a mask for the first time, or it is a brand of new beauty, we recommend that when you open it, you put a little liquid on your hand, just to see that there is no reaction or allergy. When you are done with the mask, remove it from your face and massage all the product so that it enters your skin well and makes the most of it.

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