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We explain the effects of sunlight on hair

It is very possible that you are reading this entry from your mobile phone and tablet on the beach or in the pool, that's why we want to alert you about the effects of sunlight on your hair. We know how the sun's rays act on the skin, but … and on the hair?

The whitening effect of UV

First of all, UV rays whiten hair pigments partially, whether it is natural or colored hair. This occurs because UV rays will destroy the pigments and / or melanin, and therefore they will disappear from the hair, leaving the hair much lighter (with much less pigment). There are some people who love the effect Sun kiss However, keep in mind that this effect induced by the sun generates a loss of color and generally leaves the hair less vibrant and less shiny. Color loses its strength and healthy appearance after leaving the salon. If you are blonde,

Damage to hair keratin

Secondly, UV rays also damage the keratin of the hair, and that results in coarse and brittle hair. Sun-damaged hair loses moisture more quickly, feels brittle and looks less shiny. Therefore, it is very important to use products that restore the adequate moisture balance of the hair.

You always have to use a specific conditioner or mask for the sun, which wraps the hair protecting it from moisture loss. But, in addition, as with the skin, you also have to protect the hair from sun exposure, either with specific sunscreen products or even if you do not have anything on hand, in the worst case you could also use it body sunscreen with sun protection or, better yet, a hat.

Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez, reveals a few simple gestures that will help prevent hair disaster.

  1. Double protection. It is necessary the use of sunscreens that safeguard hair from the sun and other aggressions, but also from caps, hats or scarves that involve a physical shield to so many and so continuous enemies. Each external agent affects the hair in a certain way:
    1. UV radiation alters the color pigments of the hair, dries out a lot and weakens the keratin in addition to robbing the manes of all their shine
    2. wind it entangles the hair, dirties it more and causes that when detangling it, the fiber suffers and weakens.
    3. the sand It irritates the scalp a lot and causes sensitivity.
    4. the chlorine modify the color and dry the hair attacking the natural protective fats of the cabello.
    5. sea ​​saltFor its part, it crystallizes on the hair fiber and opens the ends.
    6. he Heat also inflames and irritates the scalp and detracts from nutrition.
  2. Be careful when combing. Dafter the bath the hair is especially fragile, therefore, before untangling it, it is necessary to apply a conditioner without rinsing or the mcapillary sunscreen ism, for help detangling while nourishing hair. It should always be done with a wide-toothed comb and avoiding pulls that can break the fiber.
  3. Daily wash. Forget all those recommendations that washing hair daily is bad. Whether you have immersed it in the water of the sea or in the pool, it is essential to wash the hair well to remove traces of nitrate or chlorine. The best ally? A shampoo purify but soft and frequently used and always accompanied by a conditioner, with or without cleared up or an oil or serum, according to taste.
  4. The mask, your perfect ally. At least biweekly you have to apply a hair mask that repair and deeply hydrate the hair, but the trick is to do it dry. Exposure time doesn't matter so much – it would be enough to leave it 10-15 minutes- how to do it dry before washing your hair, because the water prevents the product from penetrating the hair fiber and it is useless. After applying the mask, wash your hair regularly.
  5. Alert with colored or highlighted hair. These suffer especially in summer: they are more porous and therefore more sensitive to external aggressions. Light blondes are highly oxidized and reds are the most sensitive to loss of tone. That is why the use of shampoo, conditioner or mask, as well as oils and serums is essential.
  6. Special blondes. It is recommended that before the days of sun and sand, on the last visit to the hairdresser, you opt for a slightly darker blonde because sun exposure, chlorine and nitrate already clarify por yes the hair. With special attention to the golden blondes and honey that are the ones that lighten and turn to unwanted tones. Beige and platinum blondes survive better because summer powers them.
  7. Bet on pigments. Shampoos, conditioners or masks with pigments now, yes or yes, will be your essential allies if you have colored or highlighted hair. Follow carefully the advice of each manufacturer, this way you will ensure the intensity of the color and the shine safe from the continuous aggressions that the summer supposes for your hair and to neutralize the unwanted tones.
  8. Not without my trusted hairdresser. The greatest disasters of color occur when you are looking for a hairdresser for an emergency touch-up in your summer destination … This is when the catastrophe is almost guaranteed. If it is essential, ask your trusted stylist the formula that you use in your color jobs and the margin of error will decrease.

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