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Vintage Hairstyles: Your Current and Modern Retro Hair 2020

peinados vintage

vintage hairstylesIf you like them vintage hairstyles, I already advance work and search before reading this article, stop to look at our previous post of hairstyles of the 20s and a little more ahead of their time, the hair of the 50s.

I begin to tell how the period hair is simply because they are old hairstyles and what better way than to see any of them directly seeing them in the previous articles or in the following video so you can get an idea.

How to make an easy vintage hairstyle step by step

Get a toupee

Grabbing strands of the front of your hair by unloading them so that they are high up and use lacquer to make them fixed. Finally, do not skimp with the lacquer to maintain volume and secure it with a fork.

Make a ponytail

With the hairpin that you left me in the previous step, take a strand of hair from one side of the head and leave it above the previous hairpin. With the remaining salary hair below it, make a ponytail or if you prefer (here you have different types of ponytails, just in case), make a braid a pretty bun is also visually spectacular.

Make sure the ponytail is fixed

Now with the hair of the ponytail and take it to the side and it is tightly fastened by fixing it with the lacquer can.

Decorate your vintage hairstyle

So you don't see the accessory that is used to hold your hair, whether it is the hairpin that we have told you a rubber band, you can use a lock of your own hair by rolling it in the ponytail. With this all ready and you see that something is a little "loose", again attack the hair with the hairspray.

vintage hairstyle step by step

Step by step a vintage hairstyle collected, elegant and easy to do

Lately and especially in celebrities, we see super glamorous things that make them special wherever they go, and those are their hairstyles based on previous decades, for example they increasingly wear the hairstyles of the 40s.

In style that was worn before with such exquisite makeup, they managed to mix the security, perfection and arrogance of these incredible perfectionist looks.

Obviously we have not stagnated as time has passed and this style of hairstyles has taken a twist, turning original vintage hairstyles into something a little more modern making many of these trends.

Hence the phrase that "The great classics neither die nor go out of style."

Image gallery of retro hairstyles for women

The following photographs you will see, how, where and when we will be able to use these hairstyles, such as: For vintage wedding hairstyles, for long and short hair

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