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Very long and red, so the hair will be this fall

Schwarzkopf NeoCouture

The stylists agree: this fall the hair will be long, even the short ones, and in incendiary red colors. Yes, with wicks of different shades that give mobility and reflexes to the mane. The must it's from the season: a versatile cut that allows to move from an image of "good girl" to another totally transgressive or sophisticated just changing the way of combing.

Do you want to see it?
L'Oreal Professionnel

Fashion trends for hair from this autumn-winter they are still betting on the mane. Long hair, very very long, are the real protagonists of fashion runways.

The most radical difference is in the color: reddish tones are worn, from plum to pumpkin through mahogany and the whole range of redheads. Mixed. That is, it is not about applying a dye that leaves the hair a uniform color. Unlike, the wicks of different tones intermingle to create a play of light and reflections Very beautiful and extreme.

McQueen, Wella

Although reds are not the only colors that hit hard: the gray ones, from the purest white to black, and the very light blondes also have their place this season.

Schwarzkopf NeoCouture
We like

What we like most is the versatility of the cuts that, combined with this sophisticated blend of colors, allows a great variation of styles and shapes in the same person.

For example, the model that opens the post is the same as the one in the photo on the right and is the same haircut (it does not seem so, right?). The difference between one photograph and another is in the way of combing this short which, as you can see, has a lot of volume and is very long in the upper and frontal part of the head. It is one of the trends of Schwarzkopf For this season, Neo Couture, which proposes androgynous and biased cuts dominated by black, gray and wild red colors.

Indola also proposes these changes of look based on a cut and a color that allows play to be other with just the use of an iron, a brushing or the application of a styling cosmetic.

We do not resist giving you several examples that seem very cute. The first is the trend Graphic pop, which as its name indicates is based on the 60 ′ and that is one of the great lines proposed by the brands for this season. In this case, it is a Bob type cut which, with a touch of gel, iron and fixing spray (lacquer) becomes a modern, fun hairstyle and a «Amelie» point.

Indola Graphic Pop
L'Oréal Professionnel Retro Nouveau

Also with this trend 60s and continuing with the shorts, L’Oréal Professionnel proposes a cut in his collection Retro nouveau within this style, but a little shorter on the sides and on the head.

Odile Gilbert, artistic director of the collection Retro Nouveau de L’Oréal Professionnel, refers to this return at 50 ′ and 60 ′ ensuring that: "Right now there is an important current that moves in that direction, both in cinema and in fashion, we see more and more looks inspired by the 50s and 60s. We left an era where what they were looking for were easy, simple and homemade hairstyles. However now us We are once again attracted to glamor and sophistication. Thus our job has been to give a modern twist to these hairstyles. ”

Revlon Clandestine

For its part, the shortest model in the collection Clandestine of Revlon, one more point futuristic, moves like a real mane and bets on a blond "ice" really spectacular.

We know that we have told you that you have the hair and, for now, we only show you short. But is that we cannot ignore these sophisticated cuts that allow movement, light and feeling of "mane" without the hair even reaching the back of the neck.

Our last short (really!) Is another model of Indola, Andro Mono, that just by seeing it It gives us a multitude of ideas on how to vary in style without going through the hairdresser. Or if.

Indola Andro Mono
The long, very long
Montibel.lo Shaman Chic

Long hairs are shown this fall in their more ethnic version, with roots in both east and west america, or with a point of English romanticism, with blond hair and curly redheads loose or in funny and casual pickups. To those collected we will dedicate a post later, because they deserve it. Now let's see these two trends.

The folk point is inspired by both the side of the Indians and that of the cowboys, and almost all brands have been targeted. Yes, maintaining the guidelines of the season: long, red and extreme.

Schwarzkopf Eccentric Heritage

Montibel.lo, for example, presents a collection, Shaman chic, inspired by the colors of the earth.

Schwarzkopf Eccentric Heritage show some Long hair with a mixture of autumnal tones (caramel, chocolate and gold) and an intense shine which take as a reference the parade of the autumn-winter collections of Marc by Marc Jacobs, where you could see printed dresses combined with large button coats, hats and shoes that the first American settlers could wear, or Christopher Bailey for Burberry, inspired by clothing intended for hunting and fishing.

Indola, for its part, bet directly on the look cowboy in your proposal Denim Folk, which also refers to the 60's. In this case, we can show you two completely different hairstyles with the same cut. Getting it is as simple as curling the hair from half to tip with tongs, crepe it and brush it to give it a touch Brigitte Bardot.

Indola Denim Folk

Too Montibel.lo It shows how you can change radically with tongs or an iron and a little daring.

Montibel.lo Shaman Chic

The BB style, with a point Jane Austin, they develop it Luis & Tachi and Pascual Hairdressers for the trend Retro Nouveau by L’Oréal Professional. “For us, Retro Nouveau brings with it an image of great volume, with a texture extra-soft but also with strong hair ” ensure Ascen Squire Y Toñi Fernández from the Pascual Salon Hairdressers, who have worked a long mane with a warm blond with golden highlights and a long bangs. For his part, Luis & Tachi bet on loops defined in a mahogany tone.

Pascual Peluqueros and Luis & Tachi for L’Oréal Professionnel
The means that are already mane

The half-lengths have such a large volume and a movement so rich that they behave like authentic lengths. Highlights the mane-trapeze, precisely to highlight the length and volume. Like the ones we present to you.

Schwarzkopf Eccentric Heritage
Yolanda Aberasturi for L’Oréal Professionnel