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Úrsula Corberó has cut her hair and bangs at home forever: this is her trick so that the trash shells are not noticed

Pincha en la foto de ÚIrsula para descubrir sus looks más sexys.

We know that, after so many weeks of confinement, a marathon of the fourth season from The Paper House It is, right now, your idea of ​​a perfect weekend. The series has just been released in Netflix and with it, its protagonist, Úrsula Corberó, becomes our i againfavorite style cone. There are many reasons: her ideal makeup, her effortless looks, her daring and vibrant red lips… Among all of them, her ultracool short hair always stands out. Bold and enviable, wear it pixi, mullet or minibob, Úrsula always hits always with her hair.

We all know that the most complicated to wear short hair it is maintenance as it grows. Because you can go from an ideal cut to a feral sparrow nest in a matter of two weeks if you do not go through the hands of your beloved hairdresser. But in total confinement times you have two options: try to emulate Najawa Nimri and other famous ones, commit a mess like Chenoa or continue the advice of Úrsula Corbéro herself, who, apparently, has been fixing the cut herself for years and has the perfect trick to keep short hair under control.

He has confessed this week In an interview which has been granted by videoconference to the David Broncano, The resistance. From "my boy's house in Buenos Aires", where the actress takes refuge while she spends the world coronavirus emergency, the actress spoke, among many other things, of her hair. And how she has spent years putting the scissors herself between visits to the hairdresser.

"I cut it by myself for quite some time –He tells Broncano–, even on the set. When I see that I have bangs hairs that come to my face and eyebrows cover mewell, I get overwhelmed. ” His foolproof trick? Never cut your bangs straight. "I make small corkscrews with locks and I put light snips on them ”. Úrsula feels great. Do you dare to try it?