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Types of hair prostheses | Beltrán Centers

What is a custom hair prosthesis?

A hair prosthesis is a system made of natural hair designed to solve all types of scarring and non-healing alopecia. Different types of hair prostheses can be found depending on their size or shape, their use or their type of manufacturing. We detail it below so that you look for the one that best suits your needs!

Hair prostheses according to their size and shape

In Beltrán Centers we distinguish 4 different sizes:

COMPLETE: They cover the entire scalp.

SEMI: covers half of the scalp. Especially the upper part where hair problems are more frequent.

PART OR APPLY: they cover only a specific part of the head. These are the most common pieces for androgenetic alopecia in initial phases, alopecias areata, for people with burns or for partial scarring alopecia.

Hair prostheses according to their type of manufacturing

Tailored hair prostheses

A custom hair prosthesis is that piece that perfectly mimics your own hair. In Beltrán Centers we are the only center in Spain where we make custom pieces. To perform them we take 36 measurements of your head and perfectly imitate the incoming and outgoing of your birth, the swirls, the color or colors, the different densities in different areas, etc. Everything so that the hair prosthesis is undetectable! In addition we manufacture it with natural hair of European caliber and the base is made with a very thin tulle of hypoallergenic cotton 0.03 mm thick.

These hair prostheses are very comfortable to wear and allow a completely normal life. They are fastened with adhesives and they do not move, they do not oppress the scalp and you can wear it for up to 15 days in a row. You just have to take it off for maintenance, that is, the change of adhesives because to wash it, apply the moisturizing mask and dry it is not necessary to remove it if you do not want to. You can sleep with her, play sports, go to work, etc!

Because they are manufactured with top quality materials, performing proper maintenance with the right products can last up to 3 years. For this it is very important to use the proper maintenance products.

It is the best option for women with cancer who do not want to undergo a makeover during treatment and For people with all types of alopecia.

The custom hair prosthesis is the only one that can be considered a prosthesis. The rest if they are standard are no longer prostheses, they would be systems because the prosthesis must be customized and individual to each person.

This is how we manufacture them in our workshop in Valencia:

Standard hair prostheses

Standard hair prostheses are also made with natural Indian hair but with a caliber greater than European, that is, with thicker hair (0.060mm). They are manufactured in China with standard measures and with a round, oval and rectangular base and then adapted by cutting the shape of each client's head. This base is made with an acrylic material called microfilament and with the silicone sides.

When carried out in a chain, the hairs are implanted with the same density throughout the base and with the same color. All these factors make this type of prosthesis cheaper than those made entirely to measure but it must be taken into account that the duration is shorter (about 6 months) and that they are more noticeable.

You have to be careful because in many centers they sell this type of pieces as custom pieces simply because then they cut them according to the shape of the head but they really are standard pieces.

prostheses and wigs differences

Hair prostheses according to their use

Hair prostheses give solution to different hair problems for both men and women.

Oncological hair prostheses

As we have already indicated, They are the perfect option for people who do not want cancer treatment to change their image. The wigs They are an option that can only be used a few hours a day as they bother and oppress the scalp. On the other hand, prostheses can be taken up to a week in a row and it is not necessary to remove them to sleep if you do not want to. In addition the wigs are much more noticeable because they create the hull effect because of the large volume they have.

Hair prostheses for alopecia

Hair prostheses are the best hair solution both for women how for men with alopecia since they allow a completely normal life as we have already said. In this way the hair problem does not condition day-to-day activities.

Hair prostheses for burns and areas

Tailored hair prostheses for people with burns or alopecia areata cover only the affected area.

In addition, for people with low hair density in the upper area of ​​the head, there are in the market the boosters of hair. These can also be custom made or with standard measurements and its base is a lattice with threads that allow to thin and mix the hair of the person wearing it with that of the piece. This increases the density of the hair and, therefore, the volume.

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<p style=As you can see, there are different options to solve hair problems. Ask us for information and budget without obligation!