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Types of adhesive tape for hair prostheses

Types of adhesive tape for hair prostheses

As we already mentioned in the article about the different fastening systems for hair prostheses and wigs, adhesive tapes for hair prostheses are one of the best systems. We explain why and we list the different types of adhesive tapes and their characteristics!

Advantages of adhesive tapes for hair prostheses

Double-sided adhesive tapes specially designed to adhere hair prostheses are one of the most used systems for different reasons:

  • They are undetectable: They are ultra thin and transparent systems, so when they are stuck inside the prosthesis, nobody can see them.
  • They are very comfortable to wear: being so thin you don't notice that you are wearing them. On the other hand it is a system that does not move, that does not squeeze and that can take up to two weeks in a row. This you allows to make a normal life: You can play sports, bathe and even sleep with her.
  • You can create any shape with them so they allow to adapt to the incoming and outgoing in the hair prostheses.
  • They are very easy to put on and take off with the help of take off liquid and do not require the help of a professional.
  • They are an economic fixing system.
  • It is not a painful fixation system As the tying or integration system.

Types of adhesive tape for hair prostheses

There are different types of adhesive tapes depending on their shape or format and their level of adhesion. You can find adhesive tapes for hair prostheses both in rolls of about 3 meters in length and in loose strips.

The rolls can be found in different colors according to their type of adhesion:

  • Blue Adhesive: It is the one with the highest adhesion. It lasts for 15 days.
  • Red Adhesive: It has a medium-high adhesion. It has an average duration of two or three days.
  • Yellow adhesive: It has a lower grip than the rest. It only lasts one day.

The duration of all of them can be increased if a droplet of liquid glue.

There are other adhesives for hair prostheses that are straight or slightly curved. The latter are specially designed for the frontal areas. On the other hand these can also be with the normal (with some brightness) or not shine (without any brightness) and all these have a duration of 10 days. They are sold in packages of 36 units and are recommended for standard tulle-based prostheses.

Now you have all the information to choose the adhesive tape that best suits your needs! And as we always say … if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us! We are here to help you!