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Tune up the skin on your body with the Almond Exfoliating Muesli

Is there anything more pleasant than the touch of soft skin? Surely you will answer me yes, that there are many other things, but you will not deny me that that silk sensation of well-groomed and hydrated skin is very pleasant. So today we present you the Muesli Almond Scrub of L’Occitane.

Getting the skin of the body smooth is within your reach, you just have to resort to exfoliation. In the same way as the facial, it serves to sharpen the skin and eliminate dead cells that accumulate on the surface. So, sign up for this new ritual and get a smoother and juicier body skin, in addition you will get that the products you use later act better and faster.

So is the Muesli Almond Scrub from L’Occitane

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Muesli Almond Scrub, L’Occitane

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With 95% ingredients of natural origin and enriched with almond oil from French Provence, this is the new Muesli Almond Scrub of L’Occitane (€ 19 / 150g), which also has the same aesthetics as a muesli envelope for breakfast. Also, This scrub also has almond flakes and sugars covered in sweet almond oil.

This delicious body scrub is a pleasure for the senses. Their Pimples remove dead cells from your skin giving you a brighter tone, it will also give you smooth, soft skin and without impurities.

You can use it by massaging a handful of it on wet skin, or mixed with Almond Shower Oil and clarify well below. Its sweet aroma will leave your skin delicately scented.

L’Occitane, committed to the environment

99% of the ingredients in Muesli Almond Scrub they are biodegradable, also L’Occitane not only does he buy the whole almonds from the almonds of Jiean-Pierre Jaubert, a local producer from Provence – where the brand originates from – but he also takes advantage of those that are broken or rejected in the diet, but still maintain their cosmetic benefits .

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