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Try renewing your hairstyles and always go ‘chic’ to the office

15 Peinados para lucir magnífica en la oficina

One of the concerns we have when we prepare in the morning to go to work is how to fix our hair, it is not a secret that there are days when it is very simple to know what we want to do with it, but there are others in which the ideas are so few that we end up losing more than 5 minutes looking at ourselves in the mirror thinking of some option that makes us look a little different.

So now we bring you a list of ideas that we hope that in addition to renewing your repertoire, they make you feel fresh and much prettier than you already are.

1. Picked up with headband

Girl in beige jacket drinking coffee with collected hair adorned with headband

Ideal for medium hair cuts and short hair.

2. High ponytail

Blake Lively on red carpet with high ponytail hairstyle

It doesn't matter if you have wavy or straight hair, you can hide the garter with a lock of your hair and it will look magnificent.

3. Tousled bun, 60's style

Kendall Jenner posing hairstyle with high bun style 60's

It is perfect if your hair is natural straight, but you can also iron it and wear this beautiful hairstyle.

4. Low side ponytail

Jessica Alba combed with low side ponytail

It looks as pretty as a tall ponytail, although it is true that it is less tired to use it at a much lower height.

5. Half tail with brooch

Half tail with brooch in short, wavy and blond hair

Regardless of the length or style of your hair for this hairstyle, You just need a nice brooch to decorate it.

6. Half up

Hairstyle model with half up black hair and dark complexion

It is more common in short or medium hair, but always gives that casual and beautiful effect that we all look for.

7. Half tail / collected with herringbone braid

Half tail with herringbone braid on long, wavy hair

Looks great on long and medium hair, in addition to curly hair the volume it looks is impressive.

8. Ballerina bun

Hairstyle model with ballerina bun, blond hair and gelish in a cherry tone.

The classic of classics, and although it is more common to get really tall at any height it looks great; Best of all, it doesn't matter what length or type of hair you have.

9. Half up with handkerchief

Half up with scarf in blond, short and wavy hair.

The only variant in this is that in the end a silk scarf is tied so that it adorns the hairstyle.

10. Dutch braids

Girl in black leather jacket, with gray backpack, combed with Dutch braids with long hair

If your work allows you to be a little more informal this hairstyle is perfect, looks beautiful and above all it is very easy to do.

11. Side braid

Model wearing black blouse, short blond hair, combed with side braid

Very simple to do, it only takes a few minutes and best of all, it does not matter the length or type of hair.

12. Picked up in braid

Girl wearing combed gray sweatshirt with a full braid collected from long hair

If you go too late this option will be your salvation.

13. Pigtail with braid next

Blonde girl wearing green combed shirt with pigtail with braid to the side and golden earrings

It looks harder than it really is, perfect for long and medium hair.

14. Mermaid waves

Girl with dark hair mermaid waves

They never go out of style and it will seem like you've spent hours getting ready when it really only takes a few minutes.

15. Classic ironing

Girl with ironed hair wearing black blouse

Like the previous one, it is always in trend and best of all, you will look amazing.