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Trendy colors fall winter 2019

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Next we will tell you what were the most seen color trends on the catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan in the Fashion Weeks for the autumn winter 2019 season. Bold bright and beautiful colors make up these collections.

Trendy fall winter colors

Many designers took feminine power as an inspiration. Red as a bold and daring color, declaring the idea of ​​a warrior woman for winter. Pleated tunics and wide leg pants were carmine and maroon.

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White tofu

The white color is never missing in the collections, whether winter or summer. For this season, this shade of white tofu seems to be predominant.

Pale gray

A moderate and faded gray tone that adapts perfectly to any outfit, which can complement the image in a classic or sporty style.

Dark red

The dark red tones are not far behind in popularity in 2019, and less if we talk about the winter season, as it comes to give us looks loaded with good taste and personality. Undoubtedly one of the most repeated colors we can see in firms and collections of fashion designers.

Red poppy

It has already appeared in previous fashion shows. Creates a sense of dynamism and a lot of expressiveness.

Ultra violet

The purple tones throughout its wide range come this season also to star in all kinds of garments. They provide the property of making compatible with all possible colors of complexion, hair and eye color.


This lilac, in its softer version, will reach the winter season 2019 to add the most feminine side.


This color is one of the most outstanding, since it can be seen everywhere flooding collections and stained glass. It presents the property of being very flattering in people of all ages.

Dark blue

This dark and intriguing blue can be used in any style. Its main feature is the ease of combination with other colors.

Ceylon yellow

Other color ranges that most impose popularity in fashion are yellow, vibrant or pale. Colors that although they are not characteristic of the winter seasons, this season they take a presence that does not go unnoticed.

Lime yellow

A shade of bright yellow and sharp, perfect to give color to a winter outfit.


Orange, on the other hand, is one of the great figures of the current season, and as the gurus of fashion suggest, it will repeat popularity one more season. It is a beautiful option to combine with browns, beige and bronzes.

Bluish Greens

Bluish greens also come to impose style, certainly a versatile and elegant option, ideal for day to day as well as for special occasions.

Olive green

The olive green tone is definitely a very easy color to combine, a classic of all winter seasons.

Military greens are a winter classic and are a top-notch star in this season's collections, with lightweight fabric parkas and padded synthetic sports jackets.

Bronze and brown

Who can resist bronzes and browns, colors so flattering and perfect for autumn winter, to heat the outfits of cinnamon color? It is not new to anyone, that one of the colors we find as a favorite is bronze, since a few months ago that designers and signatures of the moment have been betting heavily on it, making it one of the winter trends 2019 clearer.

From dark brown to beige, that is, in its most diverse shades, it is another of the proposals of fashion, which invites us to enjoy sober, elegant and full of style looks.

Beige Almond

It is a pleasant and soft tone that will look good along with any other tone. It is always present in different types of clothes.

Because the colors are definitely one of the parameters that most affect our appearance and our sets, and because they are also one of the ones that vary most season to season, is that today we wanted to present some of those that will enjoy more popularity in fashion Autumn Winter.

Where, as you will see, we can benefit from a palette more than wide and diverse, since we will find all kinds of shades both discrete as well as strong and vibrant.