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Trending nail designs to join the LGBTQ + Pride Month celebration

Trending nail designs to join the LGBTQ + Pride Month celebration

A super cool way to show your pride in LGBTQ + month (in addition to clothing and rainbow makeup) is decorating your colored nails! And this time we bring you several ideas of manicure that will fascinate you not only because they are impactful, but also because designs are trending. Yasss!

Check them out below, and say yes to the colored enamels!


Rainbow tip

This mani design It consists of drawing lines of the rainbow tones on the transparent nail, which are very fine stripes that go in a diagonal direction, from the middle up. To achieve that level of precision, we suggest two things: practice over and over before creating the final design, and use an ultra-fine tip brush!

Transparencies + colors

It is about painting two vertical stripes of different colors on each nail, leaving the center transparent, just like a window. So that the manicure look harmonious, it is best to put the pairs of colors that are closest together on the color wheel: orange and red, pink and purple, green and blue, and so on.

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