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Today we know the 5 looks with beard trend

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A few years ago the hipster trend that brought us long beards to infinity appeared. Now this has been left behind and from 2019 on, the jaw will be more prominent. In The MadRoom we follow international trends, and we have compiled the best ideas in looks with beards for this new year 2019.

The new ones beard cuts the classic mustaches that had been eclipsed under closed and prominent beards will become subtle, three days or short. Now they will be an essential touch. Precisely, the combination of the beard with the mustache is what is done with the podium this new year.

We show you 5 looks with a fashionable beard, some of them may seem complex and difficult to achieve, but do not worry! In The MadRoom we have professionals who can get exactly what you want.



It is a simple beard, let it grow for three or four days maximum and if it is too “undone” for your taste you can always profile the edges with a professional razor blade, thus giving a somewhat more groomed shape.

This is one of the types of fashionable beard looks that will let your skin breathe more and does not require waxes, oils or anything for your care. Since it is so short that simply your daily moisturizer would be more than enough.

looks with short beard


Leave your beard for just a couple of days and continue your clipper after that time. It is not a very big effort, since it consists in keeping the beard at that size while the mustache grows until it gets a much more marked shape. You can trim the mustache with scissors and we recommend combing it to prevent annoying or dirty action in everyday actions.

This beard design will be the "Premium" throughout this new year. Do not hesitate anymore! If you are a daring with your looks and want this trendy, this is your definitive shave!

looks with knob


The 90´s were very powerful with respect to fashion, and the beard looks of this moment stood out by the padlock or the knob. It's about trimming both sides of the face and marking the jaw area much more with facial hair, you can choose to mark a mustache and chin or build the entire fence around the mouth.

Both options will be very good and also, they will take a few years off you. They are a style that can look great for men with a round face, as it lengthens the features and gives them a more marked appearance.


It is a type of fashionable beard that unlike the previous one consists of marking the sides of the face, you can let your beard grow for 48-72 hours and leave the pins more marked, up to the height of the jaw.

It is a very daring style, since it is aggressive, more rocker, and it needs a lot of daily care so that it does not seem disheveled.

looks with beard and sideburns


For those who still do not want to leave behind the long beard that has so far been the prevailing fashion. We can say in your favor that this year's fashionable beard looks allow long beards, but not more than a few weeks. It will remain a long beard, but not in excess as we have seen so far.

It is also very important that this new long beard is extremely careful. It requires brushing, and products to shape and daily hydration. It clearly differs from its predecessors in the much more thought out and balanced finish. Behind the scruffy and left beards.

long beard looks 2019

After all, the important thing is that your style makes you feel happy and defines you. If they are undecided, approach The MadRoom Madrid and we help you define your style.

Did you like our beard looks that set trends? If you know any more or have any questions, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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