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Today National Day of Love your Red Hair is celebrated

Hoy se celebra el día internacional del amor por el cabello rojo

Today the redheaded girls are partying, and that is that November 5 is considered the National Day of Loving Your Red Hair. The celebration was born in 2015 in the United States when two young people, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, campaigned for red-haired men and women to love their hair and feel proud of being unique.

The statement did not go unnoticed by the US authorities, because only 2 percent of the world's population is a natural redhead, and the campaign took an unexpected turn earning an official space on the calendar.

What is National Day of Loving Your Red Hair?

girl stroking her hair with her hands

It is a day dedicated to celebrating the beauty of red strands, it is designed to teach men and women with red hair to feel confident.

The emergence of this day is not only due to a successful Internet campaign. Actually, Adrienne and Stephanie noticed that there are national days or movements that encourage hatred of redheads, such as Kick to Ginger Day (Kick a Redhead Day), and they wanted to create their own event to spread a positive message, obtaining a victory with a white glove and feeding the self-esteem of thousands of people.

What makes redheads so special?

redhead girl with wavy hair

They constitute 2 percent of the world's population and this already makes them unique, but that is not all. Their DNA has a series of special genetic qualities that give them evolutionary advantages over the rest of the population.

According to a study conducted in 2003 by McGill University, they have a pain threshold (the ability of human beings to withstand the sensation of pain) higher than blondes or brunettes by up to 25 percent. In addition, they are more sensitive to temperature changes, produce higher amounts of vitamin D and, as if that were not enough … their hair looks spectacular at any time of the year.