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Tips to protect your hands and nails from the cold

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<p>The skin is the largest organ of our body and performs one of the most important functions: protect ourselves from external aggressions we suffer. For this reason, during the winter we must take extreme precautions and adapt our care to protect it from wind, cold and humidity. If we do not provide the necessary care, these aggressions that we suffer not only harm our skin aesthetically but also make a dent in our health as they weaken the first barrier responsible for protecting our body.</p>
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Be careful with your hands

Our hands are one of the most sensitive areas to damage caused by climate changes, chemicals and daily activities, which translates into a revealing track of our age, precisely due to the lack of attention. In winter all these factors increase since the skin of our hands is continuously exposed to sudden changes in temperature that profoundly damage the natural hydration factor (NMF), even causing the loss of it and completely altering the pH of our skin . As a result, the epidermis will become rough, present scaling, dryness and even in the most extreme cases small wounds or cuts that can occur with the least friction on our skin. We share with you the advice that Eve Lom experts offer us to take care of the skin of the hands and nails.

Tips to protect our hands

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Almond Hydrating Lotion, from CND. Moisturizing lotion that is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving a soft and satin feeling in addition to a light fragrance of sweet almonds.

Many many mani, from Essie Formulated with a nutritious combination of coriander oil and glycerin to help the skin recover. Penetrates quickly to nourish dry skin and leave hands soft, smooth and comfortable. It is quickly absorbed. Your price: € 10.50

Hand filler, from Filorga. Treatment cotton gloves, with active mask. Each zone of the glove has an action. In the palm of the hand Mega-moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and Filorga NCTF Complex that activates skin redensification with volume lipopeptides. On the back of the hand the Wheat and Arbutin Bran Extract that inhibit the transformation of tyrosine in the synthesis of melanin, for the control of stains. Finally it also offers nail and cuticle nutrition. In short: softness and deep nutrition for the hands in just 30 minutes. These gloves have an active life of 15 times. Your price: € 61.

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<p><b>softens and deeply nourishes the entire hand</b></p>
<h2>And what about our nails?</h2>
<p>When we talk about aging and hand care on many occasions the nails are the great forgotten … It is important to know that they not only perform an aesthetic function but also protection.</p>
<p>Nails constitute a type of skin modified by keratin, a very resistant type of fibrous protein; They are living parts of our body. Nail health is a true reflection of the health of the body in general. Like the rest of the skin, the nails suffer the aggressions of the external environment and require adequate care so that they do not present a bad state, do not crack, do not break and do not appear stretch marks.</p>
<p>Apply daily on the cuticles of the fingernails of hands or feet with a gentle massage until the product is absorbed; The ideal time is at night as this will allow us to fully absorb the product.</p>
<h3>Tricks to protect our nails</h3>
<li>Once a week, shape the nails, avoid cutting and filing in only one direction.</li>
<li>Makeup with enamels of good quality, helps to protect the nails from environmental damage.</li>
<li>To avoid irritation remove the remains of enamel using a product without acetone.</li>
<li>Eat a good diet with a diet rich in calcium.
<p><figure id=DiorDior

Creme Abricot, from Dior. Enriched with beeswax, its formula contains emollient and fortifying agents that improve the resistance of the nails and favor their growth. A formula that has remained unchanged for 50 years.

Eve LomEve Lom

Cuticle cream, from Eve Lom. Treatment that moisturizes and repairs the nail cuticle, the living part where our matrix is ​​located, seals moisture and softens the cuticles to leave them flexible, stimulates growth by getting healthy and strong nails, protects against dehydration and repairs the cuticle.