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This video shows that contouring is out of control

Este video demuestra que se nos ha ido la mano con el contouring

Since Kim Kardashian revealed her secret behind her makeup routine, the countouring came to be applied as one of the most famous makeup techniques, demonstrating that the changes you can achieve with a bit of concealer do not only occur on the face; also in the body. This technique undoubtedly came to frighten the girls who have always feared to make an eyeliner in their eyes.

Hundreds of girls who daily share tutorials on YouTube make this technique look like something really easy, managing to define abs that would not be achieved even with years of exercise and demonstrating that it is possible to change the nose without going through the operating room.

In the video that was shared on Instagram by a user named Lilly Ghalichi, you can see how a model is covered with different corrective tones from head to toe, increasing her neckline, marking her clavicles and creating abdominals combining different shades.

Although it is a fashion contrary to what has been seen recently in fashion shows, where great designers have opted for natural makeup or even a drop of makeup on the models, without doubt the famous Countouring technique is spreading and not only to be used on the face, but throughout the body.