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This solid shampoo leaves oily hair clean for longer

This solid shampoo leaves oily hair clean for longer

It's official: our handling with the solid cosmetics It has already passed at an expert level. Not so long ago we tried this game for the first time that has hooked us since the first games. And we have been passing screens like who devours games of a video game.

We have already said it in another article: it will be better to invest in soap dishes. First was the return to the classic hand soap bar. Then, we changed the bath gel for a botanical solid cleaner without surfactants. Even the body lotion to hydrate the skin after showering has also conquered us in a pill version, with super nutritious butters They are applied as a massage.

Solid shampoo of shikaki and keel for oily hair.

The hardest thing was to dare with the shampoo. Because if there is something with which one does not play it is with the hair. The good news is that we have found not only one, but two 100% organic solid shampoos We love them.

They are from the sustainable brand Rowse, which has also given us the best advice for solid shampoos to leave the ideal hair: "Hold the pill in the palm of your hand and apply it directly on the hair always from the root to the ends to avoid tangles."