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This pharmacy body scrub leaves skin super soft and makes cellulite work better.

This pharmacy body scrub leaves skin super soft and makes cellulite work better.

We have already declared many times our eternal love for natural particle scrubs. In this we are radically monogamous, avowedly faithful. We would never –and we want to say NEVER- dare to cheat on a biodegradable microparticle scrub with none that has plastic microbeads, no matter how much the plastic one tries to seduce us with delicious aromas or textures that are caressing.

The exfoliants that have particles are called "mechanical", because they produce the peeling of the superficial layer of the skin thanks to the rubbing of the product. With this touch they drag dead cells and the skin is renewed, smooth and super prepared to absorb any cream you apply next.

We have tried natural mechanical scrubs with salt, with sugar, with poppy seeds, with walnut shell micro-powder … "The best ones are those that have very regular granules, like perfect spheres, like those of bamboo or jojoba vegetable powders", they say at Perricone MD. They tear the skin less and are less irritating than those with irregular particles such as salt or sugar.

There is a mechanical scrub with natural grape seeds that we love. It is not new, but it works so well that it is one of those products that we return to faithfully year after year. We refer to Gommage Crushed Cabernet, by Caudalie, that cult brand that the French love and that is sold in pharmacies. The formula contains six draining essential oils and grape seeds “That leave the skin smooth, silky and soft, ready to apply after your treatment anti-cellulite or reducing" they say in Caudalie.