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This magnetic enamel that changes color will drive you crazy

Este esmalte magnético que cambia de color te volverá loca

When you paint your nails you always look for a polish that has a beautiful color, that is novel and above all that makes them look spectacularly. That's why the company Fun Lacquer He created a collection for his fourth anniversary with tones that, in addition to being litmus, also feature tiny pieces of metal that manage to magnetize.

That does not mean that you will be stuck to any metal surface or object, it just means that if you pass a magnet over the enamel, you will get it to move in a hypnotizing way. And best of all, they have an affordable price, one more reason to put it on your Christmas wish list.

This is the collection that celebrates the fourth anniversary of Fun Lacquer

Magnetic enamel created by Fun Lacquer

The tones are called Harmony, Incredible and Believe.

The paint has tiny pieces of metal

Magnetic enamel created by Fun Lacquer

They move enamel pigments when they are exposed to a really strong magnet. That's why they require you to buy a magnet separately – the ones you have in the refrigerator are not strong enough.

They are the first tones in their class

Magnetic enamel created by Fun Lacquer

Magnetic nail polish is far from being a new concept, but they are still the first of their kind because in addition to being able to magnetize, they change color.

This video demonstrated the power of Fun Lacquer

The users who could appreciate the video were really shocked by the power of the magnet.

You can create any design on it

Magnetic enamel created by Fun Lacquer

Before the enamel dries, you can create virtually any design you want, you just have to pass the magnet over it.

This is what happens when you combine several layers

Magnetic enamel created by Fun Lacquer

Nails look like you have a galaxy in your hands.