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This is how you should shave pubic hair

This is how you should shave pubic hair

The easiest and most accessible way to get rid of pubic hair, it is through shaved You only need a shaving foam, a couple of blades in good condition and a few minutes while you bathe. The best? By doing it correctly, you will not have any pain and you can finish the job in less than 15 minutes!

Then we tell you how women should shave properly with rake, In 5 simple steps to not hurt your skin or harm your intimate health:


A warm water bath, prior to razor, allows you to remove dead cells, prevent ingrown hair, Prepare the area and soften the follicles so that it does not cost you so much work to remove the hairs. The temperature should be medium and not very hot, in order to prevent the pores from opening too much.


Whether manual or electric, The shaver should be exclusive to pubic hair, in order that bacteria from other areas do not spread in this delicate area. In addition, the rake blades must be sharp, clean and free of rust so as not to cut, irritate the skin or cause pimples.