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This is how you can style your bangs (too long) during confinement

Pincha sobre la imagen y descubre los flequillos de las famosas más favorecedores.

The most daring celebrities have dared to touch up the bangs themselves during quarantine. In fact, Úrsula Corberó herself showed live how she did it with scissors she had at home. And others have taken advantage of the confinement to change their look and wear a DIY bangs, like Rosalía. However, we understand that we must be crafty and a little daring to cut your hair or bangs at home yourself. If this is not your case and the front of your hair is already somewhat grown, here you have a couple of hairstyle options.

It is logical that you have the feeling that “although the length of your hair remains almost permanent, your bangs do not stop growing. The moment of transition is inevitable, so why not take advantage of it to get the most out of it ”, he recommends the artistic team of Llongueras. They propose a couple of hairstyles: leave it open in the middle (it is known by the name of curtain) or comb it lopsided.

If you choose the curtain bangs it is perfect since “fits all kinds of faces, adapts to any shape, works on any type of hair, regardless of its texture and combines both with his hair down and with him up"Say hair experts. To wear it you just have to follow the following steps: · With wet hair, apply fixing spray on the roots of the frontal area, with wet hair; opening stripes and put a little product in each of them.· Apply heat at the roots with the dryer, directing the hair first to one side and then to the other so add volume in the central area.· Continue to provide heat with the dryer from above and polishes with the help of a brush, placed at eye level, middle and ends.· Place the dryer from below for the bangs to open naturally.

Matrix Heat Buffer Spray (€ 15). Ceramic Thermal Brush 17 mm by Beter (€ 7.35). Termix 820 carbon comb (€ 15.99). Ghd Helios Neo-Mint Dryer (€ 179).
Matrix Heat Buffer Spray (€ 15). Ceramic Thermal Brush 17 mm by Beter (€ 7.35). Termix 820 carbon comb (€ 15.99). Ghd Helios Neo-Mint Dryer (€ 179).

He lopsided bangs Not only is it fashionable this season on the catwalk, but it also "softens the rosto, softens the features and combines with any type of oval face shape, although it especially favors those who are rounded", they say from Llongueras. However, this choice requires to be styled in a different way, depending on how your hair is:· If you hair is fine Start by applying, on it wet, a fixing spray in the root zone. Then mark a side stripe with a comb and comb all hair to one side. Let it air dry and ready.

· If you have the thick hair the step of the spray and of marking the line are the same, but then you have to place a duck clamp very close to the roots to hold the bangs. Finally, let the hair air dry (if it is difficult to shape, use the blow dryer directly from above) and, once you have the bangs dry, remove the clip.

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