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This is how you can remove acne blemishes from the skin

This is how you can remove acne blemishes from the skin

If you have noticed that skin spots caused by acne, they are almost impossible to remove, keep calm! There are different solutions with which we CAN fight this problem, ranging from small changes in our beauty routine, to treatments with a little more intervention and that manage to win the battle against the annoying spots to achieve a uniform face.

Do you want to know exactly what you should do? Read on to discover what we consulted with Diana Victoria Ramos, Expert in biotechnology and cosmetic formulation, together with the dermatologist, Susana Sil, and so you have the complete information of the specialists!


Before we know how to treat hyperpigmentation, we have to know the type of acne that we are facing. The one that leaves residual stains, is the one that becomes inflamed and we see it in "thick" pimples that hurt, have you had them?

"When the skin becomes inflamed, for our body it is like an injury, so the body, through biochemical processes, stimulates the melanocytes to produce melanin, which will serve as protection," says Diana.

The experts also affirm that this type of post inflammatory spots They tend to be pink to red in white skin, and darker brown in brown skin, as lighter skin has less melanin. Since you understand it better, we can proceed to solutions!