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This is how Koreans put on several masks at the same time to have perfect skin

The korean (and also Koreans) are real HEADS when it comes to beauty masks. No one in the world can compete with them in the quality, variety and very high cosmetic properties of their masks. There are all kinds, for all skins, in all the formats you can imagine. Not to mention also how cute some are, with flower shape, little drawings kawaii, textures like toy and sweet scents.

Go to shopping of masks (Yes, only from masks!) By the super specialized district of Myeongdong, in the middle of Seoul, it's an experience beauty hard to get over. The stores are open until eleven at night and after an hour of shopping you can go home (or to the hotel) with provisions not to repeat mask in one year. Koreans do not skimp on masks: they spend between 90 and 250 euros a month only in this type of cosmetic, both men and women. For them to wear one mask a day for 20 minutes it is the number one rule of beauty, and no Korean skips it. It's like brushing your teeth, showering, or flossing: not a day goes by that they don't.

Variety is another key that converts Koreans in HEADS: Test, experiment and combine without hesitation. A few days they wear a fabric mask (cotton, synthetic silk or biocellulose); others, hydrogel (creamy, to apply with a brush); others, sauna effect (those that are activated with heat); others, peel-off (of which are dried and removed as a second skin) …