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This is Alma Secret's natural and hydrating cream that saved my dry hands in just one day

The part of the body to take care of in what we carry of the year 2020 are undoubtedly hands. Yes, the eternal forgotten (we have a facial routine with all kinds of creams and serums, morning and night and even body lotions), now become the absolute protagonists. And is that with so much hand washing, with cleansing soaps and gelscan end parched and even cracked and irritated.

That was my case. I admit it, I took the cleaning measures to the extreme and, instead of using a specific cream, the corporal was enough for me, until my hands said "So far we have come". Fortunately I made a great discovery. So is Alma Secret cream than saved my dry hands in one day: super hydrating, tasty, natural and with a delicious aroma.

And is that this cream is worthy of Empresses and has queen's name: Cleopatra by Alma Secret, it is so hydrating and it has such powerful ingredients (shea butter, avocado oil, squalane) that the results are practically immediate. My dry, chapped and irritated hands they passed in just 24 hours to be soft and nourished.

"Contains Manuka honey, which is a powerful antioxidant capable of helping to regenerate the skin, increase its vitality and immunity, treating problems such as infections, chilblains or eczema; cocoa butter, which will support elasticity and repair; allantoin that has anti-inflammatory properties , propolis, is antibacterial and healing; and is enriched with donkey's milk, a great natural rejuvenator for its high content of vitamin A or 'pure retinol', a natural tightener capable of regenerating skin cells, leaving you renewed and younger , " explain from Alma Secret.