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This fall triumphs the mane

Rock'n'Folk l'Oréal ProfessionnelRock'n'Folk l'Oréal Professionnel

Out of Shape Schwarzkopf
Out of Shape Schwarzkopf

Very long, with a lot of volume and very extreme cuts that, however, allow combing the hair creating different looks. So are the fashion trends for this fall-winter hair.

Autumn looses her hair and marks a trend with more and more followers: the reign of long hair. Whether loose or collected, the heads are filled with volume combining waves and smooth, bangs, pigtails and ribbons that refer to other decades, but revisited and passed through the filter of the 21st century.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, and in a matter of fashion much more. As much as they tell you, it is best to see what hair trends are and say, "I want this." Because this winter you will want it. Long hair becomes the fashion accessory that marks the whole look, from the most casual and carefree to the most sophisticated. The key: as always, a good cut that allows different hairstyles.

Change sides

Eighties Luxe Schwarzkopf Eighties Luxe Schwarzkopf

Turning your usual cut into something more sophisticated is not difficult. You just need to change the side of the grating or combs in another direction so that the mane is another completely different. And you too.

But wearing an impeccable mane requires care. In addition to using conditioner daily, it is convenient to apply a product for the tips, especially if you use the dryer and iron often. This will prevent the ends from opening and the hair getting tangled, broken and curled. A nourishing mask once a week will keep hair healthy. Fixing products are made this season essential to give volume and shape. Choose them adapted to your hair and what you want to achieve with them. Think that there are different types of foams, lacquers, waxes, etc. that can make your life easier if you use them correctly.

Very, very tall bun

New lookNew look
The Dark Amazons SchwarzkopfThe Dark Amazons Schwarzkopf

Day, night, whenever you want. The bows, very elaborate or wisely collected only with a bar, take center stage and rise above the heads like an almost meccano structure. Dare with them, as they are the most sophisticated of the season and are great. Of course: get a package of forks and a good fixative.

Longer Shorts

40's Romance Schwarzkopf 40's Romance Schwarzkopf
Raffel Pagés Fantasy Raffel Pagés Fantasy

Short hairs expand and lengthen, reaching almost half-length and sheltering faces. The bangs are extended to the eyes, the neck is covered and the ears are protected.

Men also show longer hair. But nothing of mane. The idea is to show a good kill of hair, and for this, fringes are lengthened and the volume is "raised" towards the sky, keeping the neck clear and even shaving the area of ​​the ears.