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This aloe vera hand cream leaves them soft and makes nails strong

This aloe vera hand cream leaves them soft and makes nails strong

And how we like it that the products are multipurpose! So when we discover that the Moisturizing and Repairing Hand and Nail Cream from Atlantia He also took care of our manicure, we did not hesitate to try it. And is that "Its formula contains aloe vera 100% pure and eco-cultivated in the Canary Islands, which repairs and regenerates the skin, and other active ingredients with a high moisturizing and exfoliating capacity," explain from Atlantia.

Further, hands and nails also benefit from its high content in minerals, amino acids, vitamins A, B and C and a 'waterproof' agent that acts as a protective barrier and makes hands are protected (Y hydration do not leak) even after washing.

Atlantia hand and nail cream (€ 8.40) – BUY

For all these reasons, the girls that this winter we have neglected our hands we will be much more careful from now on and we will pamper them to the fullest. Because yes, we prefer that version of ourselves in which we have soft and hydrated skin and smooth and strong nails. Truth?

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