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They say that with the Blue Zone Diet you will eat healthier and live longer

They say that with the Blue Zone Diet you will eat healthier and live longer

And what are the benefits (besides living many years)?

The habitants of the Blue Zones are very long-lived, but also, they have a very high quality of life. In other words, it is not only how much but also how. Have less cardiovascular disease Y less cancer. "In addition, having low consumption of ultraprocessed foods, chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and obesity are prevented," aim Laura Stop.

Specifically, Beatriz Larrea It requires some of the star foods of each of these privileged areas. In Loma Linda are vegetarians. In Costa Ricaprefer the corn, beans and squash. In sardinia, the protagonism is taken whole grains like barley, fresh vegetables and beans. In Icaria, they love legumes, fruits and vegetables, always with olive oil. "The true Mediterranean diet," points out Beatrice. And in Okinawa, Japan, they bow for sweet potatoes, rice, soy, seaweed and turmeric.

In addition to healthy diet, healthy habits

And these, of course too, you know. The population of the Blue Zone makes physical exercise every day and not "It is that they go to the gym to do a spinning class, rather they remain active until very late 90 years taking walks, working in the field … In short, their life and leisure revolve around the activity," highlights Beatriz Larrea. They also live with very little stress and maintain close and supportive social and family relationships.