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These plus size models show the abuse of Photoshop

Estas modelos talla plus pidieron Photoshop para cambiar su cuerpo; su objetivo era revelar las mentiras de la moda

Do you think that distinguishing between what is real and what is not easy? Most of the images we see on the Internet are distorted or modified with Photoshop, sHowever, there are people who refuse to support that idea and prefer the honesty and beauty of things as they are.

To demonstrate the damage caused by the alteration of images in the fashion industry, models Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe partnered with professional photographer Karizza and pointed out how the media approves photo editing just to promote their products or services and they show us perfect bodies without wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite or overweight, regardless of the message they send to society.

Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe are size models plus

modeling girls

Both have confessed that being in the fashion industry and catwalks was complicated because they did not meet beauty standards. But their self-love made them succeed in an alternate and real world.

They decided to show how magazines lie

modeling girls

Both models have tired of the lies in the fashion industry and the perfect bodies that do not exist but sell us in each of the publications.

They asked for Photoshop for their body

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To demonstrate the extreme use of Photoshop, they photographed both underwear and exposed their bodies, no matter what others thought.

Photographer Karizza was in charge of capturing the images, but her work did not end here: Diana asked for a Hollywood-style touch-up.

He changed them completely

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When they saw the edited photograph both were shocked but not surprised, because they constantly run into these types of modified images that reduce the girls' self-esteem.

I must say that we look amazing in both ways. The purpose of this was to show everyone how magazines and media take the issue to a different level. The models and celebrities do not even resemble themselves. We live in a world so false that it is time to recover the real one. -Diana

The world has been surprised

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Of course, the result has impacted the entire world and although some reject the edition of the images, the truth is that it is normal within this industry.

No wonder women are full of insecurities. For years we have witnessed perfectly retouched images in all media. While Photoshop has its place and is necessary, this is the extreme when it comes to editing, and it only shows how much we can change. I think Diana and I look perfect as we are, two friends smiling for a photo. We want to show women that it is okay to look "normal", have cellulite, stretch marks and stomachs that are not flat or toned. -Callie

Internet opined

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Instagram comment

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It was time for someone to demonstrate the indiscriminate use of editing programs.

It is not the first time it happens

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A month ago Diana shared a comparative image of her and Kim Kardashian with a note of encouragement: "We are both women with different bodies."

Self-love is the best medicine

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The images have already accumulated more than 16 thousand likes Y Hundreds of comments praise his bravery and beauty. They have reminded us that we are all beautiful and different.