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These muscular women crush female stereotypes

Mujeres musculosas

Women will always be stigmatized by femininity and sweetness, which is why most people who make up society do not accept that the muscular body is typical of a lady. We live conditioned to fit the beauty and when something does not meet the standards we simply try to limit its existence.

Magazine Elle India questioned beauty during its May issue, and managed to bring together women who have not only adopted a great lifestyle that includes a great physique, also one where they proudly carry their muscles and flaunt them like no one else. This edition of Elle It has seven women of different professions, from bodybuilders to makeup artists who proudly show their bodies. Women also eliminate the idea that being visibly muscular does not have to be in conflict with their femininity.

1. Rashi Chowdhary, 31, nutritionist

Muscular woman posing for Elle magazine in white blouse and red shorts

“My husband once told me that my shoulders look like a man's, but when you train Crossfit You learn to feel proud. We are conditioned to look only at the weight scale, but muscle building is essential. In addition there is nothing like the feeling of being able to lift twice your weight. ”

Rashi was forced to question her healthy lifestyle when her uterus was diagnosed with endometriosis. It was then that he switched to a diet without cereals, began eating healthy treats, protein and began practicing Crossfit.

2. Nilparna Sen, 23, gym trainer and manager

Muscular woman posing for Elle magazine in black swimsuit

“I don't think a normal person can feel as energetic as me. I owe it to my body for being the best version of myself. ”

An eating disorder and a history of drug abuse had pushed Sean to his peak two years ago. However, he found a new reason to love his body when he joined the gym. Now he is training to be a bodybuilder.

3. Natasha Noel, 23, yoga instructor

Muscular woman posing for Elle magazine in nude swimsuit

“I have my curves, breasts and hips and I feel a woman, a very strong one. My teachers told me ‘be more delicate, like a woman’. But I said: strength has always fascinated me more than flexibility. Being strong is attractive and powerful. ”

After an injury forced Noel to leave the dance, he found yoga. And with that came a different opinion of stereotypes of body image. Now use Instagram to show that dancers and yoga practitioners can be muscular too.

4. Ayesha Billimoria, 29, track athlete and coach of fitness

Muscular woman posing for Elle magazine in crop top and leggins

"The Fitness It has become just looking good and running marathons. But you need to be able to stretch, jump and run to be fit. I hear women say they want to look like me. What I often tell you is that it took me 13 years of constant training to get here. ”

After damaging her muscles with excessive weight training, the nationwide sprinter decided to return to basic functional training. She now uses her social character FitGirl in the Indian media to change the way we think about exercise.

5. Navreet Josan, 30, makeup artist

Muscular woman posing for Elle magazine in a brown swimsuit

“If I could reach this level of being physically fit with a full-time job, then really anyone can. I am very proud of my body. The way I look during a competition, my hair, my muscles, make me feel glamorous. ”

A full-time job and constant travel plans do not stop Josan from having two training sessions every day. Because that's what it takes to train in bikini bodybuilding.

6. Bani J, 28, actress

Muscular woman posing for Elle magazine in crop top and bikini

“I love the way I look, because the good thing is that I don't have to stop. Your body can achieve so much once you eliminate doubts and focus. I understand my body better now, I can control it and build it the way I want it. I know what a piece of pizza can do to you and I can decide not to eat that anymore. ”

Bani is proud of her body – and rightly, just look at those abs. The television presenter who also stars in the film Punjabi Zorawar He began practicing weight training at age 19 only as a way to feel active. And he hasn't stopped doing it since then.

7. Shweta Sakharkar, 25, bikini bodybuilder

Muscular woman posing for Elle magazine in black swimsuit

“My mother trains very hard even when she is 45 years old. Their fitness levels push me to work hard for me too. ”

Sakharkar's inspiration comes from his mother, a trainer with the experience of a decade. That's why he decided to take the course of professional bikini bodybuilding. A perfectly sculpted body has taught him to house an equally strong mind.