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These characteristics reveal that your hair is falling A LOT

These characteristics reveal that your hair is falling A LOT

Seeing hair on the brush, in the towel or in the shower is something that is already customary, especially in the lives of women, as we know that it is part of the hair renewal process. There are days when we only see a little hair and other times it is more evident but, How do you know if your hair is falling out more than normal? If you have asked yourself, we have the answer!

César Cruz, hair specialist in Silvia Galván Image Studio, He has told Glamor the characteristics that reveal an abnormal hair loss and the factors that cause it, as well as the best expert tips for combat the dreaded fall. Are you ready to find out if you are within the usual range?


First of all we must know how much is natural in terms of hair loss, to start from there. Cesar tells us that "The normal fall is between 60 to 100 hairs per day and the main factors that can increase it are stress, hormonal changes, diseases, poor diet, inheritance and medications. ”

"In addition to these factors, hair loss It can be accompanied by micro-inflammations in the scalp and, sometimes, can cause some discomfort. The strictly medical reason is because the collagen surrounding the hair follicle can harden and suffocate it. For this reason, the hair falls off and we can determine a fall problem, "says Cruz.